Video: ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You


Here it is: the full length video for Shakira and Rihanna’s first collaboration, “Can’t Remember to Forget You.”

Will the sexy visual help propel the single back up the charts? I’m sure both singers hope so.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. Shakira is desperate. This is in keeping with Rihanna’s image. But for Shakira to sink this low is sad. Rubbing up on another woman like that for sales. You couldn’t pay me to be this outh there.

  2. This is ridiculous. The song has nothing to do with what the video is portraying. I’m dissappointed in this.

  3. DANA, I totally agree that she is desperate, same goes for the Grammy performance. It is really sad to believe the Hollywood is truly becoming a “soul sale”.

  4. The vibe I’ve been getting from the last few yrs now, is that the music industry is really not about the music anymore. How sad?!

  5. So it’s a video of them feeling each other up and butt poppin. That’s so great, what a wonderful useful song and message yet again for women, especially young women.

  6. There is an agenda and if I didn’t believe it I believe it now. We had better figure what side we fall on for the future of our youth.

  7. Wait a minute….is Shakira going to get called a “whore” like Beyonce did? Where is the same outrage and bashing Bey got? SHakira is over 30 with a child. Is her husband going to be called a bad husband for letting his wife rub all over another women like this, they called Jay out. WHat about Rhianna? or do people just expect this from her?

  8. This video is hot and these two chicks are even hotter.

  9. you know JZ signed both of them. bringing yellow whores back on top by any means necessary seems to be his agenda.

  10. rihanna looks so awk tryna be sexy but they look like old hoes in training yawn

  11. Wait a minute….is Shakira going to get called a “whore” like Beyonce did? Where is the same outrage and bashing Bey got?

    Completely different circumstances.
    Rihanna and Shakira aren’t doing this on stage at 8pm on live television.

  12. @Liyah “soul safe” is the truth. check out Toni Braxton and Babyface’s Rollercoaster, now that’s the kind of Music I love it’s about the ups and downs in a relationship particularly for me in my marriage. Love my husband but sometimes…:)

  13. Why is someone’s assets being marketed to me to sale music? I almost threw up in my month… Two times

  14. Some of these comments were so funny! “WHAT IN THE…” OR “This is in keeping with Rihanna’s image,” speaks volumes!

    I actually expected worse, from the previews. But, hey it’s hard out here. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink, Lord and others like Usher, JT, Kanye or Jay-Z don’t have to resort to these drastic measures, but it works. I don’t think this video is going to make people like the song to the number one spot, but it is doing wonders for Shakira! I didn’t know she was 36, still so fresh faced. Being a Latin star before she was in the US has its advantages (fan base), along with her serious outreach worldwide through her foundation, and as a fierce businesswoman, Shakira is officially back! She’s a new mom showing off her bangin body, just in time for The Voice, and hopefully boost album sales, still no guarantee. She may have lost the respect of some fans, but I’m sure she gained some new ones. It’s a win win situation for Shakira for the hips don’t lie chick! Rihanna was along just for the ride (normal for her)! It’s also official, there is no bottom for today’s superstars; I don’t know what it’s going to take to break our next tier of BLACK female singing superstars! Now this gotta be topped and I’m sure the girls (Gaga, Miley, Beyonce, Nicki, Mariah) are working on it as we speak! Filter your viewing, because it’s on!

  15. The video is really nothing new or shocking because this is right up Rih Rih’s alley. I’m just surprised to see Shakira go down this road in order to boost her sales for the song and upcoming album. Well, as the old saying goes, “Sex sales” ….

  16. @Dana, oh I get it as long as it done in a “video” that children still watch, and not a live performance…Got it…..!

  17. What is wrong with you people?! The problem with this country and the people in it is that we have some bizarre fear of sex. I bet there would be no problem if this video was full of violence! Those women looked beautiful … worst the video was silly! but to call these women whores? REALLY! GROW UP!

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