Video: Check It Out By Nicki Minaj & Will.I.Am

Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am’s long awaited video for their hit single “Check It Out” is finally here. Like several of Nicki’s previous videos, it is Asian themed, very colorful and full of action. The single will be featured on Nicki’s upcoming “Pink Friday” album, and is unofficially considered the true lead-off single from the album.


  1. SMDH. How many lead off singles is she going to have? I use to love her. But now I don’t get her and don’t know what type of route she’s trying to take. *SIGHS*

  2. I don’t like this song. “your love” should have been the lead song, followed by the song she has out now ” right through me”, and then she should have dropped the album. I’m tired of songs with a techno feel to them..can we please move on

  3. In Japan, there will be 3-4 lead singles and then release an album without anymore singles. It is a kind of way to release the album the way some of us don”t get used to.

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