Video: Conqueror by Estelle

Estelle Conqueror Video (140x140)

British export Estelle is back with the visually stunning video for her new single “Conqueror.”

The self-penned ballad is all the about the spirit of survival, and thus the soulful diva has chosen to keep things simple, choosing to focus on the beauty of the human body and the song’s powerful lyrics.

It has been almost six years since Estelle burst onto the U.S. music scene with her single “American Boy,” and since then the singer says it has been a struggle to keep up with the changing landscape of modern music.

Calling “Conqueror” her ode to standing tall in the face of adversity, Estelle says she hopes the song motivates others to stand for what they believe in and not cower to peer pressure in their personal or professional lives.

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  1. LOVE it. Good job Estelle – keep calm and conquer on!

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