Video: Ghost By Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson gets revenge on a cheating boyfriend in the video for “Ghost”, the first single off of her upcoming “Joy” album. Download the new single via iTunes this coming Tuesday and expects Fefe’s new album to drop later on this summer.


  1. I always WANT to like Fefe Dobson, she’s a cute black chick with a funky style, but she always comes off as a whitewashed wannabe who wants to be accepted by some typical white boy or as the only black girl in a white school etc…I think she should spend a year in the caribbean and then another year helping inner city children, THEN come out with another album and we will see if she has grown into the strong black woman she CAN be but ISNT at this point. So sad…

  2. Sounds good to me…..

    @ Terence, that’s her experiance of life, leave her alone. Not every black person is alike, just bcz she doesnt have “urban” qualities does not mean she’s not black.

    We have a long way before we stop these stereotypes.

  3. First time really hearing Fefe Dobson. I love the lyrics, the sound, the look, the confidence, and the video. Keep doing your thing mama.

  4. @Terrence ,music and sound don’t have a race. The world is becoming a monoculture with the rise of technology. African-American heritage will not be lost but it is bad to be so ignorant as to say words like “whitewashed” because she isn’t doing unnecessary runs and oversinging like many other R&B artists. I find that saddening. I was called whitewashed when I was young and the only reason was because I spoke with proper grammar and dressed like I had sense. Oh well, C’est La Vie, i’m assuming you’re over 30 so once your generation catches up the world will be MUCH better.

  5. BTW, the songs is a B-. It’s catchy but nothing spectacular…and its NOT because of some idiotic concept of “whitewashing”.

  6. The song is okay. I hear those ‘electronic’ influences, FeFe. Sigh. It’s okay. I get it. At least your rock edge is still there.

    @ 9:28 and 10:09 thank you for schooling Terence on his ridiculous commentary.

    I loved Fefe’s debut album. I wish her well in the future. 🙂

  7. someone who actually knows music :bowdown:

    I love the song it’s really cool and catchy. I wish her great success.

  8. I love Ms. Dobson. I do not think she’s “whitewashed”, but I do think her team is marketing her to the people who will buy her music the most.

    I like the grown style she’s presented in this video, and some of the crotch grabbing reminds me of Michael (Love you!).

    Go FeFe!

  9. Fefe Dobson is a biracial chick from Canada. Her mama is white, her daddy was black and absent and so the only influences she had were those from her mother’s side and popular culture. She is being who she is but the people who listen to her type of music do not fully accept her because of how she looks. Blacks don’t like her music and whites don’t like her color. A colored girl trying to do rock is truly fighting an uphill battle.

    God bless Fefe in her fight to just be who she is.

  10. Woa. Watching this video gives me the same feeling I got watching Pat Benetar or Joan Jett back in the 80’s. Yea, I’m old.

  11. Call me behind the times, but I’ve never heard any of her music that I know of. It’s a pretty decent song. I don’t LOVE it, but I like it…

  12. I like the video and the song, it’s really cute how she gets into her ex’s mind. atleast, she’s a black artist that is doing something different. and she’s doing music she loves. i’d rather listen to her music, and watch her videos, than watch rand b, rap videos with the same lame content and coonish images. we are not the same, we have different taste and different point of views. it’s amzing how we can juge her for not being urban enough, yet praise the late great michael for his style, when mj created music. on his cds, he would have a gospel song, a rock song, rand b song, pop. yet people identified with his work. accept artists for what they put out there.

  13. First of all, noone schooled me on anything, they just stated their opinions and I stated mine. Whitewashed is a common term, Im more offended that I was called ignorant. I grew up in those privileged mostly white private schools, like right out of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When I was younger, I thought more like Carlton but as I matured I evolved and realized my place in this world.

    I didnt say she was whitewashed because she doesnt sing like a typical gospel singer or something, I would think that would be ridiculous as well. I dont even like most R&B. I never praise Michael Jackson on his style either, Off the Wall and Thriller were his best albums, after that…well records sales tell the tale. So a bunch of foreigners like his music, great for him and his estate, dead or not, Im not afraid to say that I didnt like most of his music and I will restrict my comments to ONLY his music. Since I went to school with his nephews(3T), I dont want my impression of his music to be tainted by my personal feelings regarding his family or personal life.

    Fefe Dobson is a cute girl but once her image and target audience is more focused she will actually move units. There is nothing wrong with rock done by black people, I liked Living Color(cult of personality), I like Jada Pinkett in Wicked Wisdom, I dont like hootie and the blowfish…

    She is Canadian with a white mom and absent black dad, that says it all. My comment concerns the missing black influences and I think she could make up for it by spending some time around black people who have little to no white influence. The blend would seem more full.
    The world is not becoming a monoculture at all, its true the world is becoming closer and more informed because of technology but I dont think there is ONE culture emerging from this. When the average Johnny Cash fan is singinig Buju Banton lyrics, then I might agree with you. You say you actually know music, but do you actually know world politics and culture? Music has race because culture has race. Recently, I watched the BET music award show. Keisha Cole stood in for Haley Williams singing the hook on “Airplanes” and it was horrible! Completely ruined the song, Hayley is a great singer and so is Keisha Cole but in different genres and styles. Keisha sings the type of music I dont like to listen to.

    Like I said before, I WANT to like Fefe Dobson, I have listened to all her music since she made her debut and Im waiting to hear that growth and maturity. LOL, and yeah, Im over 30, but the girls I date usually arent and I have no children.

  14. This is ridiculous. I love Fefe Dobson. Let her do her music and let her be who she is. Its not like she’s disowning her heritage. And I am a mj fan aswell. If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t make her music because he incorporated different styles in all his albums. So don’t diss him and her. You shouldn’t judge his music either because if it wasn’t for him we all as black people wouldn’t be listening to rock or other music that we like. Yeah r and b is getting bad but that’s the cultural background and it sells more than rock music. Think about it. Most r&b music gets the highest pay and charting then rock music.

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