“Video Girl” by Meagan Good

Here it is- your first look at “Video Girl,” the latest film starring and produced by Meagan Good via her own production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. The movie tells the story of Laurie Walker, a small town girl looking to fulfill her dreams via the world of music videos. Co-starring Meagan’s sister La’Miya Good, the film also includes actress Ruby Dee, Hillary Duff, Angie Martinez and Melyssa Ford.

According to a recent tweet by Meagan, “Video Girl” will be released to AMC Theaters beginning April 29th, with wider distribution to follow.

Check out the clip below.


  1. Seems pretty good from the trailer. SN: Hilary Duff?…kinda random lol. But it seems like it will be decent.

  2. I’m proud of her for being so ambitious despite all of the negative things people say about her.It looks like a good film and I’ll def see it.

  3. that is not hillary duff. it’s haley duff (her sister). this movie looks intense. i might see it. meagan good doesnt get enough credit for her acting skills. she is really talented.

  4. She doesnt get the roles that show the extent of her actingability. Sadly she has been typecasted. I will give the film a look. Team Meagan!

  5. I’ve liked Meagan ever since her role in Eve’s Bayou she is so under used in HollyWHITE it’s ridiculous. She’s a good actress and I admire her drive and ambition. When they don’t want to give us jobs we have to create them. I will support her and go see the film.

  6. does anybody know when this movie video girl will come out i seen the trailer and it looks like a good movie is it going to be at the movies or dvd or tv please let me know and i will appreciate it 🙂

  7. I look forward to seeing this movie. It looks pretty good, and hopefully it’ll do well. I’ve always liked Meagan Good and I try to support movies produced by black women.

  8. Hoobastank??? Whatever happened to them…

    I probably won’t watch the film. Not interested, really, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Meagan is not just settling for roles, but making her own way in the producing side of things. I wish her well 🙂

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