Video: “Gone” by Kelly and Nelly

Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s highly anticipated video for their single “Gone,” just premiered. Directed by Marc Klasfeld and shot in Cancun last month, the single is the follow-up to the pair’s hugely successful 2002 single “Dilemma.”


  1. how is Ashanti losing? i can see the chemistry, but chemistry doesn’t equate leaving your significant other for another. we go through life having chemistry with people. that’s life. ashanti was there for him when his sister passed. she was his rock, nelly doesn’t come across as a person who will give up on a woman that had his back, when he was at his lowest, for an attraction. i’m sorry. when you lose someone you love, there is a desire to keep those around you that holds your hand, especially at the worst time. kelly didn’t mention being there for him, all she discussed was their collaboration.

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