Video: Hard By Rihanna

It’s hard to tell which branch of the armed forces Rihanna is currently serving in (the Prada Guard? The Alexander McQueen Brigade? Christian Lacroix’s Amphibious Assault Squad?), but it seems fabulous, and the brand-new “Hard” video is proof.



  1. is wearing clothes wack now?? now seriously, like if you wear clothes are you weird. sometimes i leave the “world” go into my cacoon then come back, and it gets mo twilight zonish. They didn’t blur her buttocks at the end or nothing. Wow, memba when they would do that, no memba when artists just wouldn’t do. no, 2 long ago. Back in the cacoon i go.i like it betta there. See ya.

  2. typo-memba when artists just wouldn’t do it. Susan boyle, not a model, actually wears clothes and SMASHING THE GAME. i luv it. Naw, boo Susan is hard, she just came leftfield, unibrow, mole and all.(or did she git her eyebrows waxed and have the mole removed) see what $ do lol

  3. Niiicccceee!

    Love this song… it’s my anthem when I’m feelin’ myself (no pun) ;p

    The video is fun. The pink tank and Mickey Mouse helmet? Too CUTE!

    @Akeet- Loved >>> “the Prada Guard? The Alexander McQueen Brigade? Christian Lacroix’s Amphibious Assault Squad?”

    …I don’t know either but I’m ready to join & serve my country 🙂

  4. I like the video and Jeezy killed his verse so that’s a big thumbs up for me.

  5. When we make love I can feel all your spirits
    Deep inside of me yea
    Baby you’re so pure oh….

    Beyonce Knowles : Still In Love (kissing You) Lyrics

    Hmmmmm..what spirits???? If Jayz is her “mentor” and she might be having relations with him…whats up with these spirits?? I mean…look at beyonce and look at Rhianna..they have that same “spirit” inside of them…where is it coming from???Mr Carter…Lets pray for them yall…

  6. Rihanna is the next Jenna Jamison Po*n star in the making! She has got to get it out of her head that the only way to be excepted is to show your body..

  7. @bored, don’t you have nothing better to do than be all up in rihanna’s a**. She don’t care what your doing, so why are you so hard up on always getting on her case. Its her life to live, not yours, so handle your own business and leave rihanna alone.

  8. This bored person is always in a Rihanna post hating. Dude are you crazy or something, if you hate her, why are you always in her posts?
    Brillant description Sista,lol I’m guessing Prada.

  9. Weavealicious please stop quoting Des’Ree’s lyrics as if they are Beyonce’s.


    This video was just ‘meh’ to me. But the youngins will love it? LOL And of course she looks ‘fierce’. When does she not? Good luck to her.

  10. The vid is so cool !! I’m dying at the mickey mouse helmet

    Could’ve been better without the rap imo

  11. I love this song! However, the video is too naked for my tastes. Honestly, I did notice that Rihanna was never this nude ALONG WITH gyrations before Chris Brown released those nude photos of her to get revenge on her for pressing charges. She didn’t walk around with ONLY flower petals on her breasts & see-through dresses on, even off stage, as she does now. It’s sad, but this is just a change in her that I noticed after the release of those photos.

  12. Well i am a youngin’ i guess…and i do like the video, but i don’t understand y Rhianna has to keep grabbing her crotch?? what is she tryna prove? in my opinion she is really trying hard to be hard. she taking the good girl gone bad so seriously.

  13. why yall hating on weavealicious??? The girl is speaking the truth..i guess truth does hurt..and i looked up the lyrics….That is Beyonce’s version of the song..not Des’Ree’s..

  14. Russian Roulette went top ten too JUMO and then died a quick death. There is no Rihanna reign. There was a year ago but three so so singles and videos and not one of then goes to number one is a sign the public has grown tired of her. Whoever chose her singles were nutty. Hole In My head (which isn’t even on the album version I purchased) with Justin Timberlake should have been the first single. The song would have been a huge hit and sure fire number one.

  15. @ Cicely.

    Rihanna Russian Roulette was more of an international single. She reached the top 5 in over 13 Countries, top 20 in over 23 countries. Yes , it’s still a reign.

    Hard is expanding on radio airplay. Thats whats going to make it go to top 5.

    Wait your turn was not a single bc the label did not promote or release to radio outlets.

  16. @cicely

    Miss Beyonce is very popular but only had 1 #1 Hit single off I am Sasha with 8-9 singles released.

    The public is not tired of her.
    So your argument doesnt hold true.

  17. Can you honestly watch this video and believe that she is “hard” being naked with a screwface don’t make you hard, its just in you. i know its just a song, but i can’t buy it. B had me believe more she was hard in diva, and that was a stretch. This whole new image thing is just beyond me. Chris goes ultimate fighting on her then she’s getting gun tatooes, naked, now hard. its funny tho, Chris said in interview, there was a lot of things people don’t know. Im guessing there has always been another side to her… we just finding out. But whateva side it is= i don’t like.

  18. Wait Your Turn was a single and was the first video to be released from this project. There is also no such thing as released to radio. Radio can play a song whenever they get it and that is why the song charted but fell off quickly. Don’t make make silly excuses you think will make up for for poor singles and poor single choices.

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