Video: I Got It by Ashanti


Ashanti has just unveiled the video for her latest single “I Got It.” The tune features rapper Rick Ross and is the latest to be released from the singer’s long-delayed “Braveheart” album.

Ashanti calls the visual “a departure” from what fans have become accustom to seeing her do, but says she hopes they “enjoy” it nonetheless.

So give the video a once over below and let us know what you think.


  1. Well, that was a different video for Ashanti. Kinda like her video for Only You, but 2.0 and not as good. I can handle the video content (sexuality), but the song is today’s typical song, about nothing… The rolling on the ground doesn’t fit Ashanti. However, I’m still going to purchase her album “Braveheart”. “Never Should Have” was a great track. Hopefully it is going to be a good album. Looking forward to some other great tracks and visuals from this project. Hopefully she gives us variety.

  2. Hey everyone don’t forget to pick up Ashanti’s new album Braveheart March 4th or 18th need to support are young artists! Can’t wait to hear her new beats drop! ??

  3. yeah, i think i will save my money for Ledisi’s new album. March 11th! Ashanti should focus on her acting careers. She’s decent at it…

  4. I wouldn’t put ashanti down so quickly. If it’s something new she’s trying then cool. She still has great music. I give her a thumbs up. Go ‘head miss ashanti!

  5. The kids will like it. Its one of those risks that can either go really really right or really really wrong. I will have to get used to her dancing. Her posture looks a little off (Maybe that’s the PT in me). Will have to see more though.

  6. Ashanti is an amazing artist this song and video wasn’t as good as Never Should Have, but shes trying to change up her stuff. I give her props! I liked the video. The song on the other hand ahhh. Looking forward to getting her album and listening to the new tracks she has in store for us.

    P.S Ashanti is an amazing SINGER & ACTRESS…

  7. I Couldnt finish the video without cringing…

    the music sounds the same as before with a guest rapper making it bigger than it was.

    the video was just REALLY forced, the visuals….like i said i couldnt finish it at work and not get in trouble.

    sorry, wont be buying

  8. @LIVERPOOL that too bad, you can always get that Toni B & Face if you haven’t already!

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