Video: “Just Right for Me” by Monica

MONICA JUST RIGHT FOR ME VIDEOWith her Code Red album set to be released next month, singer Monica probably figured now was as good a time as any to release the video for her single Just Right for Me. The mid-tempo track was originally unveiled back in May, and features an appearance by rapper Lil Wayne.

Why its taken nearly six months for the video to be released is anyone’s guess. However, with the singer’s tour set to kick off on November 12th, one can’t help but appreciate the timing.

Hopefully the gorgeous black-and-white visual will reignite interest in the single, which has kinda fallen on deaf ears.

You can check out the Right Brothers clip below. Lil Wayne shows off his skateboarding skills, while Monica show’s off her gorgeous daughter Laiyah.


  1. As beautiful and naturally thin as Monica is I never understood why she never grace the cover Ebony,Essence, Vogue, Harper Bazzar or Instyle, She has been in the game 20years and no fragrance, shoe line , make-up contract nothing! Such a beautiful brown sista. Nice Song

  2. I agree. But the problem lies with her management most likely. While Monica never got as big as Brandy, she was quite popular once and should have been able to land at least one endorsement. I think she’s had lazy management.

  3. Dana..I concur!! I watched her on her BET Show and I was shocked! I am glad that God has blessed her with a wonderful husband and a beautiful new baby. I pray that the Lord richly bless her because she has defintly paid her dues.

  4. Monica’s bad attitude and unpleasant personality is why she never made it to the top like Brandy. Her bitchy side is legendary for those old enough to remember. She made a stink about Brandy putting her hand in her face during the Boy is Mine video shoot. It was during the shoot. Acting. A talk to the hand gesture. So childish, really. She never made it because of her own flaws. She didn’t have Brandy’s catalogue either.

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