VidPics: Keyshia Cole On Tour

I know a lot of artists get to the point where they believe they have made it, no longer have anything to prove and thus they just kinda do what they do- not caring about record sales, chart position or even publicity and promotion. Keyshia Cole I believe has become such an artist.

I also believe that marriage and motherhood have made her complacent. Keyshia seems to lack a certain fire that artists still in the infancy of their careers have. Her ‘Calling All Hearts’ album was a complete snooze fest, featuring eleven tracks that sounded as if they had been left on the cutting room floor of previous album sessions.

This I believe explains why Keyshia is on a nationwide tour with R. Kelly and we have barely heard anything about it from Keyshia or her record label. Finding pics or video of tour performances has been almost impossible. This is inexcusable considering social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have made it easier than ever for artists to take control of their own promotion.

Despite Keyshia’s lackadaisical promotion of her own record and tour, I was still able to track down a few pics and one lonesome little video on You Tube.

Check them out below.


  1. She needs to work on her stage presence…

  2. Your article is very timely because Keyshia has all but said the same thing on Twitter. You wrote about Ciara’s biggest fansite being shut down but are you aware that two of the only Keyshia sites I know of appear to have been closed down too.

    Keyshia’s tweets are all about her not caring about the press or media and that she is married and has a child now so her priorities have changed.

    I think she needed to turn in a record to her label and just threw something together. I doubt we will get another album from her any time soon. Music clearly isn’t on her mind right now.

  3. Music might not be on her mind..but a sister got bills and Bobbie plays in the NBA however he only gets below 3million a year..that is not bad however, when a sister is spending $2500 on a pair of shoes …i suggest she better stay on tour…You go Keyshia!

  4. Good for her, is she was out there making records and living on Bet, we WOMAN would talking about her and she needs to go have babies and blah blah blah, For all the independent women that don’t need man or children, and all they need is their jobs, Kudos to you but you can’t speak on keyshia because you are on two different level mentally, She feels like her career comes third in her life now, and really and truthfully i feel the same way , I got married then got pregnant, so all of the sudden i had two people that needed constant care love and affection, and a very demanding career i had to chose, and i made my decision, i don’t think anyone should put their mouth on me and neither on Keyshia, clearly she chose too.

  5. @Shontelle, agreed. I think society makes it hard to have a family and career. Careers come an go no matter what your doing, medicine, law, or entertainment. All these fields evolve and are forever changing maybe not law as much as the others. Life (birth and death) tends to put things in perspective and makes you realize whats most important to you.

  6. I’m happy she is taking time off for love and family and not drugs

  7. @ Melinda
    I agree with you. The stage aint everything. Keyshia has found out what life is all about and started living it. I dont blame her for wanting to be a mother and wife for a little while its not like she grew up in a traditional household. The industry is fake and all about image there is nothing wrong with her keeping it real for a little while. HOWEVER, popping off at the media is not a good idea because she will eventually come back to the stage and its going to be harder so I wouldnt suggest pissing off the media or alienating the fans.

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