Video: Mariah Carey “Hate U”

The latest video from Mariah Carey’s “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” is here. “Hate U” is the single Mimi fans have been waiting for as many of them feel like it is her album’s strongest tune and possibly the singer’s next #1 smash.

Peep the video below- which is classic fodder from MC and her longtime video collaborator Brett Ratner.


  1. Where’s the magic that was? This video would’ve been a heck of a lot better had it some Wentworth Miller (see “It’s Like That”/”We Belong Together”…both directed by the hack Brett Ratner but redeemed by the sexy, beautiful Wentworth…oh and those were better songs too) LOL

  2. LOL you guys are funny!!
    Other than her looks, I dont really find her interesting. So I didnt even bother

  3. Why does all her videos have to be her…her…and her!! She so vain it’s disgusting! The only video that she ever had other people in it beside herself was The video with her and Lance Reddick the guy that played in the Wire. They will be in a new movie called Tennessee and of course they have to show a brother being abusive or playing some dysfunctional role…rarely anything positive.

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