Video: My Lovin’ By Teairra Mari

Singer Teairra Mari is truly a great example of how record companies and music executives can ruin a potential artist’s career. Teairra hit the music scene around the same time as Rihanna and both young singers were even signed to the same record label. But due to executive decisions, Rihanna went on to make great radio friendly music like “Pon de Replay” and Teairra went on to make totally age inappropriate songs like “Make A Girl Feel Good” and “No Daddy.” Fast forward a few years and Rihanna is a bonafide superstar while Teairra has bounced from label to label and has now been reduced to making viral videos of knock-off Drake songs. I know most people don’t think Teairra has much to offer, but I do. I’ve heard Teairra’s pipes a few times and the sista can definitely sing; all she needs is the right song to show the world that she is deserving of a chance. Sadly, Teairra’s long delayed sophomore album is still delayed and thus the young singer continues to sink further into the abyss of irrelevancy.

Teairra could use a truly gifted musical mentor like Tommy Mottola or the great Clive Davis.


  1. They are also using sex to sell her now. Unfortunately it makes her look desperate.

  2. @LJ :iagree: but her career has been ”Desperate” ever since she came out in ’05

  3. not everyone is meant to be a big superstar!!!
    teairra mari needs to go back to school – time for plan b!!!

  4. I love her voice. At least, she’s got a better voice than Rihanna’s. But I think we are all tied up with fate and destiny.

  5. Now granted, the girl CAN SING. Definitely much better than Rihanna and a few other big ones. HOWEVER! I’m tired of this whole Rihanna comparison, since they were on the same label, managed by the same guy, somehow its poor lil teairra mari and mean old Hov.
    #1 NOT EVERYONE IS A STAR! Not every talented person will have that star success to seperate themselves from the masses, it just does not happen.
    #2ndly, Teairra is a GROWN WOMAN! Like many other singers/rappers (wont go on a stretch and call them Artists) she has CHOSEN to take whatever a record label offers her, just to get some air time. To someone like me – A HUGE MUSIC LOVER- she will never get respect from me because she’s doing all that she can for a lil attention, but what about her is unique? What about her means I need to buy/download/ or promote her music?
    Again granted, Rihanna cant sign worth a lick, but she’s managed to stay true to herself. If nothing else she’s a hell of a business woman. She’s very aware of how she represents herself, and theirs certain music she wont do, certain clothes she wont wear, etc etc.
    She’s worked herself to gain that level of power/control, it WASNT just record execs backing her saying you’re gonna be huge. They saw something in her, worked it out, and she took over the wheel from there, and made herself a superstar.
    No different from a Pink or Christina Aguilera; the transition from the first album to the second was HUGE. They went from doing what the label said, to making their own shit work! Why? because they made it happen, they realized the label needs them more than they need the label. they embraced their star quality. NO DIFFERENT FROM RIHANNA TRANSITION.

    Has Teairra done that? Nope. Will she? Doubt it. Look at Amerie!

    Bottom line: talent means NOTHING by itself. We all know someone who could sing better than a beyonce, maybe even a Whitney, but are they in their position? Nope. What are they doing to get there? NADA!
    Therefore, its not Teairra’s lack of talent that doesnt have her on top of the game. Its her CHOOSING TO STAY COMMON.

    point blank period.

  6. *
    Excuse me, that last part SHOULD HAVE READ:

    Therefore its not Teairra’s misfortune that she’s been “mismanaged by industry execs.” Its allowing herself TO STAY COMMON. If she wasnt happy, she should keep it moving. Its obvious she’s okay with her position because she’s acting as a puppet to get some shine.

  7. BricCity

    I agree with so much of what you say! These artists have to wake up and take control of their careers and not wait or depend on their label, A&R or super-producers to make them into bonifide stars!

    Tyreese was on Brandy’s show giving her the advice to find undiscovered producers, hungry producers who probably have better music because they’re not working for everybody! GET CREATIVE!

    The neo-soul girls know this so they quietly do their thing, but they’re able to sustain themselves and have rewarding careers without top charting, exposure and the money as pop stars. But, their day job is their music and they travel the world, have families and many perks. We haven’t seen Tamia lately, but believe she’s working somewhere if she chooses and is very big in Africa and formed a supergroup with Debra Cox and Kelly Price. I don’t get why artists expect these record companies to do it…when you watch “behind the music” or other biographical shows, most times, the artist had to go it alone, fight their label and management, even afte they were signed. Fanstasia wasn’t selling big, but she landed the color purple and tours. I know Teairra hasn’t had that big single yet…I saw her on MoNique’s and she has it…but, probably still believing in fairytale promises that you can’t believe until it happens!

    “I wish her well, use what you’ve got to get what you want!”

    With youtube being a place of discovery, they’re looking for people who already have a following…she has name recognition to a great extent…she needs to create her own game plan!

  8. she actually released this on her own. she needs to fire her mgmt asap.

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