Video: Nicole Beharie Sings ‘Valerie’


Though 30-year old actress Nicole Beharie is mostly known her break-out role as Lieutenant Abbie Mills on the Fox drama “Sleepy Hollow,” it is the petite beauty’s voice that is garnering her attention these days, thanks in part to a video recently uploaded to YouTube.

Nicole, who will actually be showing off her pipes on this week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” can be seen singing a very soulful version of the The Zuton’s 2006 single “Valerie,” made slightly more famous a few years later when Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse covered it for Ronson’s second studio album, “Version.”

Nicole however strips the song down and goes almost a capella, save for the random guitar playing heard in the background. Nicole called her performance “rough as hell,” via Twitter, but thanked fans who said they love it, and said it was a dedication to her aunt.

Check out the performance below, as well as The Zuton’s original version, and my personal favorite, Bruno Mars’ performance of the tune at the 2011 MTV Awards.

And for those of you still watching “Sleeping Hollow,” you can peep Abbie and Ichabod (Ichabbie) singing karaoke on tomorrow night’s episode titled “Kali Yuga.”


  1. Beautiful voice! Love her. Can’t wait until this new episode. 🙂

  2. checking it out on Hulu tomorrow! And I love the Glee version of ‘Valerie’ sung by Naya Rivera/Santana. Excited to see this episode tomorrow.

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