Video: No Sleeep by Janet Jackson

Miss Janet Keeps it Grown & Sexy in Just Released No Sleeep Video

It’s finally here everybody- the video to Janet Jackson‘s new single No Sleeep featuring J Cole and directed by Dave Meyers.

The visually stunning clip feels like That’s the Way Love Goes redux and appears in some places to actually harken back to the song’s visual, as well as that of I Get So Lonely.

I also picked up a slight homage to brother Michael and father Joseph.

Check it out for yourselves below and let us know what you think.


  1. I have been given life. This song is so cool and laid back and chill and so JANET and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and just REAL GOOD MUSIC. No pretense. I didn’t even mind the J.Cole rap.

  2. Janet looks and sounds amazing and I love the video! J Cole doesn’t really add anything for my taste but so happy to see Janet back!

  3. video was modest, mellow, mystical and moody. miss janet did that!

  4. I wish she’d danced more, but overall I am very pleased.
    I’m glad her first single wasn’t about sex.
    I’m glad she wasn’t half naked and looking like she’s trying to compete with the youngsters.
    I’m glad Janet is doing her own thing and I’m enjoying it.
    I’m past the days of worrying about how music is doing on the charts. I enjoy what I enjoy and leave it at that.

  5. Honestly what kind of dancing could she have done to this song? it’s a slow jam. I’ve seen so many people say they were ready for her to dance……..The song doesn’t call for it. Like twenty foreplay and the together again deeper remix. Yeah, she’s had some dancing to slow songs but come on. I’m just ready for the uptempo joints and junk.

    Also, was no one else kinda spooked at the smile/face she made when the magnifying glass was held up to her face? Not gonna lie that house has an eerie feel to it. But I will not dis the video…..I liked it.

  6. That cute little diddy she did on the stairs, would’ve been nice to see a bit more of that. A slow jam don’t mean you can’t groove and get your 2-step going 😆
    That’s the Way Love Goes had dancing.
    I don’t feel like the video needed dancing, but some grooving here and there would’ve added a bit more spice 🙂

  7. I love Janet. Glad to see her back. Got both singles now.

  8. I could have done with J. Cole and the extra e in sleep. Other than that I’m straight. 😉

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