Video: Only Girl In The World By Rihanna

The official video for Rihanna’s new single “Only Girl In The World” just premiered on AOL. The singer has put aside the dark and dreary theme of her “Rate R” album and re-emerged with a more whimsical and upbeat offering for her fans. “Only Girl” is presently #8 on the Hot 100 and with any luck, the video will help propel it to #1.

Check it out below…


  1. I didn’t get the only girl in the world feel from this video. Come on Rihanna, surprise us!

  2. The video was just lackluster but I think the label may have been going for simplicity. I think they plan to bring it for the next video.

  3. HOLD UP, WAIT A MUTHAF*KIN SECOND! Forget the video.

    ROCKON didn’t 100% completely love something Rihanna’s done. ROCKIN is that really you?

    As far as the video it’s alright. @ROCKON I got the only girl in the world memo, but I just thought it would be in a more interesting way, with more thought put into it.

  4. I really like it…it’s like how music videos used to be, song fitting the video…at least, it’s better than hard and te amo…kinda punk-goth thing for she, she’s doing Rihanna!

  5. Rihanna is beautiful first and foremost. The video was o-kay, i love the colors though. I wish her the best of luck.

  6. Amazing. I wish there was some dancing or people in the field with her running to a forrest party. very commercial, fresh and free of them. it was very cute.

  7. I love the video,probably my favorite video of hers.She looks real happy and I was gettin tired of that dark crap.Glad she’s being herself,I hope this helps the song go to number one!

  8. Boring! She never fails me, no originality what so ever.. She’s a little stuck on her self if nothing else…

  9. It is clear they took into account the sales of the last album and the direction fans told them they preferred. They don’t want a depressed and angry Rihanna. They want Rude Boy, happy, colorful island girl Rihanna. With the last album Rihanna was forced to confront the situation with CB but not this time around. She can be herself and that in my opinion will make for better music. No this video ain’t so hot but I think they were trying to send a message that the whole Russian Roulette thing is officially over.

  10. She will be butt a** naked on the next video cause this one was suppose to be s*** I guess because of the red theme and it’s not!!!

    She took another persons video added flowers and fireworks, so creative!!!

  11. @bored Darn I bet you couldn’t wait for this video to come out so you could comment.It’s okay,I know deep down inside somewhere that you like Rihanna,that’s why you just keep commenting all morning lmao……who’s video did she take??….

  12. They keep saying that this video concept was stolen from Kelis, BUT HELL Christina Milian’s video ‘Us Against The World’ was similar but a bit more sexier and there was actually a guy in the video. They aren’t the first to use this concept. Let’s just get over it. No one is original and that’s that. I don’t really like Rihanna’s video because I guess I was expecting a bit more from it, but that’s me. But it does fit the song. It represent’s love by definition of the song sooo… hey…

  13. ha ha Get real, your comment is so funny and kinda true. i was thinking the same thing.

  14. @Bored: Wow, You are bursting out with Jealousy…. I don’t like the video or the song, But i’m ready for the next single 😉

  15. @Bored You are a sad person.There’s nothing wrong in disliking something, but you follow everything this girl does to hate on it.Get some self esteem and grow up.Life is to short to hate someone you’ve never met.

    I love the video. Rated R was her dark and despairing at the end of her relationship.Raw,real, and in pain Rihanna. Now she’s happy. She has new love, so of course her music reflects that. I love the video for its simplicity.Its like a throwback. Vivid colors and landscapes.The concept is her being the Only Girl in the World.

  16. This song is growing on me!

    Usually with the more techno type songs I have to hear it like a few (hundred) times before I like it.

    I like the video though, I was expecting something more out there but instead we get Rihanna traipsing through fields :).

    I just came from the other post with her other video, and her hair here is a definte upgrade! Or maybe is the coloring for the video thats dimming down the red wattage?!

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