Video: Pretty Girl Rock By Keri Hilson

Singer Keri Hilson pays tribute to divas past and present in the video for her “Pretty Girl Rock” single. From Josephine Baker to Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and TLC, Keri shows love to all the ladies who she says via Twitter paved the way for artists such as herself.

You can check out Keri’s new video below- but you better hurry up. The video has leaked and wasn’t due to be released until later on today. Interscope records is having it pulled off of various sites as we speak.


  1. I saw Josephine Baker, maybe Dorothy Dandridge, The Supremes, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson and TLC.


  2. Damnnnn!!!! I love the video and the song even though I think the sound is soooo Beyonceyyy.

  3. I love the song, but the video was lacking something. I thought it was cute but forgettable. Anyway, I still love the song.

  4. I liked the video, but i guess the part where she was suppose to be like Donna Summer, she ended up looking like Beyonce especially at the very end when she was doing that move, I was like thats Beyonce. BUt this has to be Keri’s best video. Dont like the song though but i love the vid.

  5. I love the video and the song. I first heard her perform it live, and I didn’t like it then because it wasn’t clear and her voice was too quiet, but I do like it now that I heard the studio version. Great video! This song would make me finally buy her music (never have in the past).

  6. Great visuals! I love that she paid homage to acts that influenced her. Very pretty. I had to watch it on mute…at work *sigh* LOL

  7. LUV IT, never bought a record, can’t really call myself a fan… But this video made me smile.
    I like how she’s bold enough to say this, and it’s not just all about her THANK GOODNESS… Go Keri!


  8. That was cool I like it! At a time where there are beefs for looking at someone wrong, this is nice to see Keri giving props to those who came before her. There is room for all to succeed.

  9. the song sounds very Beyonce to me, with all the adlibs and arrangements. Its cool that she is paying tribute to all the female performers that influenced her, kudos to her for that. But I cant help but think that the whole sailor suit dance break felt like I was watching a Beyonce video.*shrugs*

  10. Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge/Lena Horne, The Andrew Sisters (Patricia Marie “Patty” Andrews), The Supremes (Diana Ross), Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, TLC (T-Boss), Keri Hilson (herself). The video is flawless and unexpected. Ms. Keri Hilson you out did yourself, this video is a 10. THE END PERIOD POINT? BLANK!!!!

  11. love the video…why does everyone wanna bring up comparisons to Bey?!?! i mean can Keri just do KERI?!?! appreciate the video/song for what it is…a breath of fresh air.

  12. @Dr.Fabulous I was thinking the same thing. People just can’t talk about one artist without making it about Beyonce…and I like Bey, but why does ‘it’ so often have to be about her?

  13. I liked all the different fashion eras but it looked kinda cheesy,

    There is one “look” that I loved in the entire video and that was the shot at the end of the video where she looked just like “Keri” In the white blouse, her blonde bob and light blue jeans.

    Another thing I was looking for was the “pretty girl rock” I was looking for a theme dance that I could do at a party or sumthin! Because her lyrics damn sure don’t describe what the pretty girl rock is! wtf Keri.

    I don’t think the video matched the song either. Oh well I still suport Keri and she is beautiful.

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