Video Preview: 50 & Viv Reunite

50 Cent and Vivica Fox Vivia Fox has reunited with 50 Cent to appear in his upcoming “Do You Think About Me” video. The once hot couple parted on not so nice terms some years ago- however, with his record sales in the toilet, the rapper has turned to where many a Black men turn when times get rough… to a sista. Vivica was gracious enough to make an appearance in 50’s video- and now said video is ready to make it’s debut to the world. “Do You Think About Me” will premiere on Tuesday, December 8th at 8pm via the rapper’s official website, However, if you can’t wait til then, check out the 24 second clip below.

Vivica’s emotion in this clip reminds me so much of her role in Set It Off.


  1. Vivica is out of her mind! She is way too old to keep making the same mistakes. 50 talked about her like she was the s#!t on the bottom of his shoes. And after this video is will probably talk about her again.

    It make look like a harmless video 50 will turn it into something else!

    “Fool me once,shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!”

    I live by that quote!

    <3 Peace
    My opinion!

  2. I don’t think they are involved again- just making a video together. You guys know how good 50 is at getting attention and having Viv appear in his video will get him just that.

  3. Agree with you SISTA.

    50 is all about attention and stunts in addition to being as talented as he is. With that said, didn’t watch. LOL. Just wanted to comment 😉

  4. Change is possible. 50 has been through some things in his personal life (with his baby’s mother) so I am sure he has been able to reflect and grow. I think this is all business and I am happy to see that they can put their differences behind them. It shows maturity.

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