Video: Rick James by Keyshia Cole


That “depressed, fed up, n*ggas ain’t sh*t” music Keyshia Cole promised her fans a while back is finally here. Can’t say I’m particularly feeling it. But if you’re game enough to wanna beat up the woman your man left you for, then the single “Rick James” and the its accompanying video, may be just the thing for you.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.


  1. I’m feeling it. It’s cool and I like the Rick James theme, wish there was a little bit more of the storyline but Keyshia did her thing like she does. Looking forward for the album. I see you KC! #PointOfNoReturn

  2. How old is Keyshisa? Come on. This is why I laughed when folks said she was the new Mary J Blige. Mary evolved as a woman. Keysia still wants to fight folks when she should focus on her child. smh

  3. Some women are pretty misguided. I don’t condone violence, but I hope that b*tch they were rolling to the house to slap was the man. As that is the person in which she made the commitment. Song wise, its a good record (except for the Juicy J rap ..smh!@#$%#) and I take it as amusing. However some could take it as amp music to go slap some b*tches. I’m going with the theme. Side note; in this day and age slapping folks is nothing to play with. And it will not make your situation any better.

    On a good note, KC looks great! It will be interesting to hear he other offerings.

  4. @TANIA:Two thumbs up…Keyshia still has a long way to go to evolve if she still desires to fight women for, so call, stealing her man. Her subject matter should be much more mature by now. And last, but not least, we have to eradicate this gender warfare and hatred. It continues to destroy the black family.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDESN 80s 4eva!!


  5. I am going to be nice cause I like Keyshia Cole but this is one of the dumbest songs I have ever heard. It makes no sense, has no real hook, its very choppy in its production, the video is ridiculous and the visuals make no sense. If anyone says they really like this song or would purchase it I cant believe it. She is not even feautured in any of the visuals execpt the random bike riding. How could she even put out something like this or even think this is good music.

  6. We really don’t know what happened between her and her husband. I mean if that’s the case Keyshia should be doing more happier songs?! And she has grown and evolved over the years. She’s going through some things in her life that she’s not happy with. Don’t we all? I’m glad Keyshia is putting out music for her fans to enjoy and whatever is going on in her life I wish her nothing but the best and happiness. And she is focusing on her son since some of y’all like to bring up the fact that she’s caught up in the drama and whatnot. Keyshia will be fine.

  7. Well, I understand how crucial it is to get sales, stay signed with a major label, relevant and popular with a young demo, so I can’t judge KC for this video. It is the same as the over-the-top videos from Beyonce and Rihanna, violence vs. s$x. We know what’s happening in the streets with girl-fights and fatalities, so this video will speak to many teen girls and young women that fight over some thug. I mentor some and they’re on house arrest, telling me “I don’t have movement right now” because of some beef over some man who’s using ALL of them, income tax season is disturbing to watch the courtship. So this video is quite real to me, but it what it is.

    The others IMO promote the adult entertainment business. But, I also know that these celebrities aren’t responsible for other people’s kids and for young women making bad choices. Pop culture will always influence its young generation the way it did with the Blues, Jazz, Rock N Roll, 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s, where commercial real music pretty much ended. Today is just promotion of entertainment personalities (regardless of talent or ability)and with reality TV stars moving to the forefront!

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