Video: “Ride” By Ciara

Ciara finally debuted the video for “Ride,” the first single off of her upcoming “Basic Instinct” album. The Diane Martel directed venture sought to mesh the competing images of Ciara as an around the way girl and a high fashion diva. Ciara tweeted about her image saying both personify who she is today and that she hopes her fans approve.

Check it out below…


  1. I am not at all a hater, nor am I quick to call other people as such just because they dislike a video.

    That said, I support a black woman doing her thing, but this video is, as Erykah Badu would call it, “ho shit.” Whitney made a great point when she said that people were excited to see her return to music because some people want to see someone “sing for them, not strip for them or walk around in Halloween costumes.” Ms. Houston may not be what she used to but that statement is irrefutable.

    Not to mention the dancing is the same as we’ve always seen from her – gyrating, sliding, and pop locking in sexy urban gear.

  2. I didn’t like the video and had to force myself to watch it until the end so that I could give an honest response.

    First- Ciara has a really rough face and close ups of her in the beginning were not pleasant. I know that is shallow but it is true.

    Second- The dancing did nothing for me. It just doesn’t crab you. She had no definitive move that really captivated you and that is what makes a great dance video. She just did a lot of athletic street dancing that left me cold and bored.

    Lastly- The ending of the video was better to look at than the beginning. Ciara looked better posing than she did dancing. I knew she was trying to give her fans what she thought they wanted but this video was just not it. It didn’t remind me of her Goodies days at all. Ciara should get herself a choreographer to help perfect the skills she already has.

  3. I don’t know how these women do it. Call me a prude but I would never have the courage to do this and let alone show it to the public worldwide. I may do freaky things behind closed doors in front of my husband but that’s the end of it. Nobody else gets to see me doing sexual stuff like this. We all know what she is talking about when she says “He loves the way I ride it”. I’m just… wow! What is so amazing with women like Ciara, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna, etc… they all do these kind of videos but they won’t pose naked in Playboy for example. What is the freaking difference? I know exactly how they look naked cause they have been trying to show me for years.

    And please, don’t give the crap about “tastefully done” or “comfortable with her sexuality”.

    Bottomline, these female artists these days can’t do any videos that aren’t ho….ish

  4. i saw this video and thought WTF?! i’m utterly unimpressed by this whole charade. first off, p**sy poppin and grinding ARE NOT dancing. any freak in a club can accomplish that so i’m not even about to entertain the whole “she’s such a talented dancer” crap. i’m over this whole “i can’t sing so i’ll gyrate for the whole damn video and show half my crotch to get your attention” foolishness. *smdh*

  5. I think the sound of the video is more in the vein of the Ciara her fans know and love. I think the dancing is cool; mainly the portion with her dancing in jeans.

  6. I love the video she was rocking it. Made me want to ride something lol.

  7. Don’t like it
    Don’t like any of these Burlesque “Singer”, But good luck to her .

  8. I liked the video because we’re all entitled to our opinion but she can definitely dance. She’s dancing ALONE doing intricate moves that MANY women couldn’t even begin to emulate. Yes, anyone can dance with a group of background dancers but I found it refreshing she’s dancing solo and showing you that she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with (as far as dancing goes). She looks gorgeous in the video and although I’m not a fan of the song, the dancing made me watch the entire video…..Go Ciara!!

  9. She did what Ciara has been doing for 6 years and it works for her. She can move, she can some crazy things with her body and it was energetic. Good job, Ciara.

  10. DAMN!!!
    That girl! *speaking as a straight woman*, I’m not into the the athletic type body on females but if Ciara ain’t bangin in her own right then paint me pink! She got a 23 in waist? *sigh* …I can only dream cause I know I can’t lose 4 inches in the waist and not look sickly. LOL! The song is nice too. Cool to see her team up w/ Luda again.

  11. Some people think Ciara can’t sing..I admit she isnt the best singer out there but what new artist these days really is…Some of the great singers can’t dance and just stand at the microphone…ciara has been doing these kind of dance moves since she came out..but I bet most people are still jammin to goodies and 1 2 step…this song is way better then her last album and i hope she can bring it back…just let ciara do her thing..some people are going to like it and some people will hate it…I love it…Go CiCi!!!

  12. The video’s straight, and I like the sexy moves.

    CURIOUS- That’ll never happen.

  13. I didn’t like it. The only Ciara video and song I have ever liked is Promise.

  14. I did not like this video (or the song) at first. I like it, now.

  15. I liked the video and song is as good as most of today’s “hits”…Ciara’s body is Sick and serves as a motivation and she surely has opened the door for a Ci-Ci fitness dvd and WII game…a Ci-Ci swimwear line…I didn’t find it overly sexual or a departure from what she’s been doing and a far cry better than the JT collabo…it’s adult entertainment and she’s no role model for sure…Ciara’s in “self-preservation” mode…sink or swim…her fanbase will love it…since black women are battling obesity in staggering numbers maybe some of her fans will hit the gym…Ciara really makes me want to have the best body I can…that’s take much work and dedication…the tone and definition is awesome…beyond looking sexy, she looks healthy and her dancing is great, could have done without some of the moves and her vocals on some portions were really good!…she just needs to continue to stay in her lane and maximize her benefits…Go Ciara!

  16. loves it!!! i watch it over and over the only people that are beyonce fans and people that cant move like her YALL PLEASE GET OVER IT DAM

  17. I hated the song when I first heard it but the old Ciara is back and I love it. Could have been better. Love when she dances! Even though I hate when she mixes sexy with straight hood. SMH. But she did her thing though. =)

  18. like the other video and song better, this song just don’t have enough hump in the beat. the repeated beats and the word ride are annoying.

  19. I like the video! This chick is definitely the best dancer in the game! Her legs are SICK!

  20. I like both song and video. She’s back. This song will be a hit. that’s my prediction.

  21. I think the song is wack as she is getting with every song she makes! I give it to her she has a great athletic body whioh in a way looks somewhat masculine. But all the pussy poppin and grinding needs to stop. Its dusgusting.
    btw, WHY DOES EVERY DAMN SONG NOWADAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT SEX!!! I cant believe they play that ish on the radio……..
    Thumbs down for me Ciara!


  23. First and foremost, the beat is lame, the lyrics are elementary and uninspiring and the cupfulls of auto-tune sugar that have been poured into her voice (that imo is acceptable enough for a pop star) is ridiculous, especially since there’s nothing sweet about this song’s premise. The video looks like a four and a half minute audition for an adult entertainment video/show. Also, she isn’t returning to her roots cos songs like Goodies & 1,2 Step had some choreography….this is just t+a. (not to mention Goodies was about being above hoeshyt) Saddest thought I have: If this is who she “really is” why does she need anyone’s appoval?

  24. Ciara fans will love this. Non-fans won’t. Neutral people may or may not be convinced. Its above average but not remarkable. It is akin to her older music but lacks the power that her debut did. Overall, B-. she needs more. I however, like it.

  25. CIARA can sho’ nuff dance her ASS OFF….not to crazy about the song though

  26. for some reason i’ve not been able to watch the video, and it wont load.

  27. I like it! Time to *ahem* spend some time in the mirror learning those moves. Haha

  28. She’s a great dancer and I’m glad she went back to what she knows.
    But….this video and song is for mature audiences. I wasn’t expecting her to make a video.

  29. Coming from a women perspective the girl is amazing a body most women would kill for the dancing goes with the song she’s a dancer the video is HOT!!! i like it. Ciara is a younglady now nothing wrong with this video.

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