Video: Right Thru Me By Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj has dropped the Harajuku Barbie act for the debut video for her new single Right Thru Me. The 25 year old shows off her softer side, as well as a bit of the acting chops that got her accepted in the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts.

FYI- Nicki’s male counterpart in the video is French model Willy Monfret. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.


  1. I actually really like the song a lot. I hate her make up person. She is a cute girl but she borderlining on Lil Kim white makeup face.

  2. I don’t like this song. Im not sure why the terrible acting skit in the beginning of the song was sooo long, it hurt to watch because the acting was so damn bad. In addition was that gorgeous guy in the video a professional actor or just a model I hope a model because he acted terrible as well! However I could stop staring at him he’s beyond handsome! but his accent is weird as hell. NEXT!

  3. What’s his nationality? And yessss he’s gorgeous! I need to google him. =)

    I love the song. And I like the video because she’s for ONCE not over the top. =)

  4. I like the song and I really like the video. Nicki is one of those chicks were makeup can actually make her look worse because she is a beautiful woman.

  5. googles images of dude. right-click-save-to-desktop. g’lawd, he’s hot! He reminds me of Will Lemay…

  6. I like the song as far as the meaning is concerned. The acting could’ve been a little less dramatic and more dialogue that made more sense instead of her breaking glasses. Mr. Willy Monfret is extremely sexy, WOW! But overall I give the video 8 stars. I would like to see Ms. Nicki on a more serious level putting the Barbie image away and no shade to her at all,from one sista to another I wish her much more success.

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