Video: Rihanna & Maroon 5 “If I Never See Your Face Again”


Lights, camera, lipstick, action! Maroon 5 and Rihanna’s be-corseted new video, “If I Never See Your Face Again,” makes breaking up look almost as hot as hooking up. Check out their new love-how-much-I-hate you clip, directed by Anthony Mandler, who directed Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” and “Don’t Stop the Music” videos. It’s a synthed-out celebration of revenge, lust, well-tailored suits, satin sheets and seductive posturing.


  1. I like the song and the video is hot! Although I’m not too crazy about the tattoo on her neck. Good video though.

  2. Maroon 5 is my favorite band love this video, best video I’ve seen in a while. I swear I’m that close to getting a “Team Rihanna” t-shirt lol! This girl was born to be a star, limited vocal range be damned, she has the “IT” factor.

  3. My, My, I am loving this! I love Maroon 5, they’re just something so sleek and cool about them since they first came out years ago. I’m glad to see Rihanna branching out a little with this one, and no one can say she’s not working it, in this video or in general right now. Yet another single on Itunes today.

  4. im with everyone else…i absolutely love maroon 5! have since “songs about jane”! not disappointed by this!
    im just about over the “good girl gone bad” image rihanna is sporting & thats an interesting ensemble for someone thats not even 21 yet….but i must admit she looks nice so i cant even hate on her…that much! lol

  5. Rihanna’s no talented ass ia really doing big things. She is owning the charts even though her albums never sell that big. I predict she will only get bigger. Just imagine how far she could actually go if she had a great singing voice.

  6. She sound good to me on this one and she hook up with adam go girl, and she know she wearing the lipstick. Go ri-ri

  7. Adam Levine could get it six ways from Sunday! 😆

    @ Selena, there’s no doubt Rihanna’s popularity would be even more insane had she ‘an even better’. She ‘does’ have one though. 😆

    Oh Adam! LOLOLOL Sexy!

  8. *an even better VOICE sorry ’bout that little mistake. 🙂

  9. Well, Ri Ri seems like she may do it again ( have another hit single, I mean), This song with Maroon 5 is pretty good.

    I love the video, rihanna looking fierce in her red lipstick and her red outfit. The hair, loving it ( the tattoo as always I think looks absolutely fab), she just looks really gorgeous in this vid.. ….

    U too hot Rihanna…..

    (and adam levine is too fine)

  10. BTW, is this song off her re-released album good girl gone bad??????

    If anyone knows…. Holla.

  11. Hello ladies,
    Rihanna does have the “it” factor; I just don’t but it. She can fool the rest of the world but I can’t get into her music. I feel like I am too old to be a Rihanna fan and I am only one year older than her. I don’t think she would have gotten as far had she not been pretty. She is very mediocre to me but I wish her nothing but luck in her career. Please don’t call me a hater, I am a consumer making my decision to not buy her music.

    On a different note, has any of you heard of an artist by the name of Jazmin Sullivan? Her voice is incredible. She has the voice and style to become an international star. If not, her talent still outshines many “stars” out.

  12. Flo,
    Rihanna is huuuuuge outside the US. Almost 4 million of her nearly 5 million copies of GGGB were sold outside the states. She headlines her own tours across Europe and sells out arenas. Her people are just now starting to market her to the r&b audience. Judging from the reviews of her MSG performance they are on the right track.

  13. @ Flo
    Just googled Jazmine Sullivan. OMG! She is only 19 and already sounds like a 40 year veteran.

  14. Can’t find this video anywhere. Found the audio. Sounds OK. I have always liked Levine’s swagger. He uses his voice/vocal arrangements like a jazz singer.

  15. I like this song, but i just get tired of Rihanna’s voice some times when she hits those high notes, just sometimes now people.

  16. @Brownsuga Diva
    I know she is huge outside the US, I was just saying I don’t care for her music. My money will go to someone more worthy of it.

  17. Maroon 5 , i love this band, and Adam Levin is sexy, really sexy. He knows he works those love scenes in his videos. I would so date him. lol.

    Rhianna, for some reason I’ve lost interest in her, ever since she starting hanging out with CBrown. For some reason, she was more interesting when people claimed she was dating Shia LeBeouf. maybe cuz he has potential of being really famous. Whereas , CBrown, i’m sorry but he’s in the urban market, and you won’t get much press from that. Sorry, my opinion. I, see this new generation of black starlets are nothing like the old school, hook up with mainstream. jmo.

  18. I think Chris Brown gets more attention from dating Rihanna than she gets from dating him. I didn’t hear she was dating Shia, I heard she was dating Josh Hartnett (than handsome guy that he is). But Oh well, Who she dates is who she dates. Maybe she genuinely likes Chris Brown.

  19. I agree with Flo. On another note though, I like Maroon 5 but this video seems somewhat boring and stiff to me.

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