Video: Rihanna’s SNL Performance

Slowly but surely Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” single is starting to grow on me. I have seen the singer perform it several times over the last few days and each performance is more passionate and heart felt than the last.

Check out the stellar performance below…


  1. Wow this is a good performancefrom Riri (by her standards).

    Like u cud actually hear her voice!

  2. It was a great performance I know she had it in her.The stage presence has gotten better and everything. And lol @MR.VEE.

  3. yeah, it looks like ri ri stepped up her performance and brought some confidence. Good for her.

  4. I’m liking the song. Didn’t at first. She really needs to step up her presence. Even if the song is dark and the mood somber there is still a way to OWN your performance and I just don’t feel that with her. I don’t think she should traipse across the stage hopping and skipping but look at someone like Grace Jones on YouTube with her performance of “Walking in the Rain”. FIERCE. And she didn’t even move much, yet she commanded the stage and the audience’s attention. I mention her because I think that’s who Rihanna takes some influence from.

  5. rihanna been known how to sing by today’s weak standards

  6. NOPE! Didn’t do it for me at this Performance…sorry pepole where we watching the same thing? I do love love the video which was very passionte….

  7. Rihanna is just a boring performer with very little singing ability (aka talent). She uses to much backtracing for songs that dont require none. Why have backup singers if you are going to use that much backtracking, yes other singers use it for certain spots on a song but for total dependency? No! She lip syncs, uses backtracking, and has backup singers, she dont dance so tell me what is she doing?

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