Video: “Shame” by Jill Scott & Eve

The awesomeness that is Jill Scott has just premiered the video for “Shame,” the first single to be released from her upcoming “The Light of the Sun” album. Joined by The A Group and rapper Eve, Jill attempts to go old school, mixing her love of R n’B and classic hip-hop to come up with a concoction fans are sure to love.

Pop Quiz: Can any of you 80s hip-hop fans guess which classic teenage rapper gets sampled in the above clip?

Hint: The video for the single was directed by Cosby kid Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Click here to find out.


  1. *DEAD* @ her rolling them eyes at the end of the video…that just gave me life. Anywho, they’ve all come a long way from The Roots ‘You Got Me’ days…best of luck to Jill.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. My girl Jill has done it again .Eve looked great and loved the energy from the back up singers too.

  3. That was a good video. I love the 80’s pieces in it and yes voodoo, that eyeroll was the business. But my favorite part was when the big girls were dancing, and the one in the middle was gettin it.

  4. Nice Video…thanks Jill for shouting out to the big girls!!! GIGI you are right the lady in the middle was gettin it…YEA!!

  5. LOVE IT the video the song jill scott the group eve EBERYTHING thumbs up

  6. Love Jilly from Philly and Eve!! I love the song and the video. I can’t wait for the “The Light of the Sun”.

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