Eve Debuts ‘She Bad Bad’ Video


Check out the video for Eve’s new single ‘She Bad Bad.’ After an almost five year hiatus, the self-appointed ‘Pitbull in a Skirt’ has returned to the music scene and is finally looking forward to releasing her long delayed ‘Lip Lock’ album. And though no official release date has been set, Eve says fans can expect the album “one way or another.”


  1. I gotta be honest and say I really do not like this song. It also doesn’t sound like she’s very confident in her label releasing the album. This song been floating around almost a year now. Had it had potential it would have popped a long time ago.

  2. the video didn’t do anything for me at all. i’m guessing broham in the video was proly the producer or the guy who says “oh she bah bah” in the song. and that light thing in the video….i’m pretty sure that’s the old screen save from windows 95. haha. anywho i think the video coulda been way better than this. she has done better as far as the song goes. i’m glad she’s back but….this is gon’ be like “tambourine” all over again…the way she talks about “one way or another”.

  3. The song is just ok but I know my girl got something up her sleeves. She looks sexy as hell and I love the a$$ length hair.

  4. GIGI your right, EVE got something up her sleeve. I think she gonna sit a few of the newbies down.

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