Video: S&M by Rihanna

Rihanna has finally unveiled the video for her latest sure fire hit “S&M.” As previously reported, it is suppose to be the singer’s response to all the gossip bloggers who attack her for everything from her clothing to her sexual life. However, whatever message Rihanna may have been trying to convey in my opinion winds up getting lost and taking a backseat to all the over the top visuals.

Check it out below and let us know what you think…


  1. However, whatever message Rihanna may have been trying to convey in my opinion winds up getting lost and taking a backseat to all the over the top visuals.

    I agree! with that statement!
    good video! (I love color!)

  2. I see Perez actually does play Rihanna’s bitch in the video. It is also clear it was his blog she was supposedly taking aim at. Funny thing is she is just making him more famous. A year from now though he’ll be calling her all types of names and talking about how superior Gaga is to her.

  3. Negroes just never learn to recognize when they are being played.

  4. Hah hah wow, I love this freakin video! It’s so intresting and funny. Definitely my favorite video of hers, or atleast one of them.

  5. She looks beautiful but I agree w/you Sista, there was WAY to much going on and the camera was moving so much I couldnt keep track. I think she could have relayed her msg w/less. Sometimes less is more but the colors were very fun and vibrant and she looks like she was having a ball it was just to much going on Imo.

  6. Something about this video reminds me of an S/M Alice in Wonderland lol !

    I like it though- very busy but very colorful. Had to watch it a secind time because the first one was a blur.

    I stopped going to perez h’s website a while ago, but I have to agree with you guys. He does that love/hate switch to a lot of celebrities. I don’t think Rihanna cares though.

    Oh the part on her dress that said ‘Daddy Issues’ ‘Or Slut’ made me giggle.

  7. @Ranjay Perez hitlon is actually an active supporter of Rihanna if you follow his website, even complimenting many of her live, (oftentimes weak) vocal performances. This video is visually vivid, but the point is a bit muddled and only addressed tangentially.

  8. This is a hott song!!!

    It will be a smash hit…her vocals are strong…the songwriting good…the remix is gonna be hot too…love it!!!

  9. wooow robyn rihanna fenty that was lot of color u kno wat type of fans ur lookin for now….ok:-}

  10. Someone Who Definitely Knows Music you are the most know-it-all chick, who actually knows nothing. Perez Hilton hated on Rihanna viciously after the Chris Brown incident and all throughout her Rated R era.

  11. Well I don’t really care for the over sexual visual, but i get the message.

    For years people have deemed rihanna a copycat, Then she tried to do her own thing, and they hate her for that,coming up with the most ridiculous lies and obscenities about her, she can’t win for losing, she could get disfigured tomorrow and some people would still be mad at her, so I’m glad she is saying F-it.
    What else is there to say ? she is accepting and embracing all of the criticism and nastiness , what else you’re going to say next.

  12. I liked it. It was very colorful. Even tho it was fast paced I understood what she meant or was trying to say.

  13. @ Rene and @ Melinda….
    I agree 100%, the video was a hott mess! This video reminds me of Britnay Spears if you seek Amy…

  14. Im not sure if she was tryna throw people off with the “supposedly” deep context..that she didnt really deal wit period in the video..because it seemed to be just about sex! She says she bad at bein good..or good at bein bad..which one is it? Does she agree wit the critics..or does she hate it..but love the attention? Y does she deep throat a banana and kiss a grl passionatly? Soooo many questions..why Rhianna? U got a bangin body..we get it..nobody is “commin” for u in that u feed into the bs? why cant u do a vid with ur clothes on? Do u think people will stop caring when u do? Whats really up with this girl..does she not care about the pure embarassment to her family/friends when they see this vid?

  15. it was aiight. Kinda reminded me of Miss Jackson ‘if you nasty’ though because we all know she is the S&M Queen.

  16. Aww. I actually really liked this song, and I actually really like her new album. It was definitely splashy and fun, but I’m sorry; if there was a message she was trying to convey in this video, it started out with something, but by the end, whatever she was trying to say (if anything at all) was definitely lost on me. It looks like she had a lot fun making the video, though, so good for her!

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