Video: Solange Attacks Jay-Z After Met Gala (Updated with Longer Video)


Solange has some explaining to do.

In a video scored by TMZ, the singer can be seen attacking her brother in law, Jay-Z, shortly after they enter an elevator with Beyonce and her bodyguard.

Solange can be seen throwing several blows at Jay and even attempting to kick him, before she is subdued.

Jay fends off the blows, but never appears to retaliate in any way. As for Beyonce, she can be seen standing off to the side, never getting involved.

The incident took place when the trio were leaving the Met Gala after party, but no one knows exactly what set it off.

Don’t expect any statements from Bey or Jay, they have an image to uphold. Solange on the other hand, should be hitting up Twitter any minute now.


FYI: The photo above (click to enlarge) was taken when the three emerged from the elevator. Solange is clearly not happy and the bodyguard, Julius, appears to still be trying to keep her in check.


  1. @LOL really? Would you have the same response had JayZ kicked multiple times Solange?

  2. why is this funny? Solo was in the wrong. keep your hands to yourself ladies. not all men can not return the favor. and why are people happy that this? and laughing? smh at people smiling at someone stupidity.

  3. Damn. She went after him several times. The longer video really shows how hot she was. If only we had sound.

  4. My “LOL” wasn’t about the attack. It was concerning Solange and her penchant for ranting via Twitter. We all know Solo don’t hold her tongue and is quick to jump on twitter and read folks.

  5. I was raised to keep my hands to myself unless someone strikes me. I don’t care if you’re a man, a woman, or a child….if you put your hands on me I will slap the color off you!

  6. im LOL because none of us know the back story….

    what if j hit B? god forbid they arent perfect.

    we dont know these people

    everything is speculation….

    so lets not make solange a villain so quick…

    there are many good reasons why a woman would swing on her sisters husband OKAY?!

  7. Solange is a mess. She seems so furious at Jay Z in the video. She’ll be alright though partly because many people don’t take a woman hitting a man nearly as seriously as they take a man hitting a woman. Plus, many people love to support the bad-girl-though-girl and the I-don’t-give-a-F attitude.

    Good for Jay Z for not hitting Solange back.

    King B. Love her. She keeps her composure throughout, the Diplomat. The way Bey positions herself directly between Jay and Solange helps diffuse the situation a lot more. Not even big ole Julius is enough to hold Solange back. She isn’t having it, so she keeps trying to get back for more.

    They’re family, and they seem to have enough love for each other despite their flaws & this conflict. I hope they may rise above it.

  8. fools will do anything for money and publicity, AND still they cant eat but one steak at a time, wear one dress at a time, and live in but one house at a time just like everybody else.

  9. Jay-Z can be an asshole!! HE DID SOMETHING TO HER FOR HER TO REACT THAT WAY!! I can only imagine!! Solange aint BEY she aint having it! Rest Assure there is two sides to this story and Jay-Z in the past has had heavy hands towards women! We all are on the outside looking in and when you watch this video BEYONCE facial expresions during this event says a mouthful with saying words! They calling SOLANGE BIPOLAR, MENTAL ILLINESS, all kinds of horrible names because she is not her sister whom eyes are wide open shut!! TEAM SOLANGE!!

  10. Beyonce is a quiet storm….Jay-Z is not even going to see what happens at the end of this road!! His ass is going to be set up like Mayor Marion Barry…don’t sleep!!

  11. @Myshel,

    I agree with your first comment totally!! I think there is something wrong and while Bey may have kept her composure, I think she was feeling what Solange felt. I feel bad that people are making Solange out to be the villain when they have no idea what happened. I’m sure there is a lot where that come from. I don’t believe she would go in so hard for no reason.

  12. There is one in every family. In mine it’s Uncle Anthony; in The Jackson’s its LeToya, and I guess the Knowles got Solange.

  13. And I mean that in an endearing way yet still SMH

  14. The Beygency is having a field day with Solange on Twitter. Family or not, The Beyhive will wild out on you via social media if you do anything they feel makes their queen look bad.

  15. Wow I wonder if he cheated on Bey. Blogs are saying he beats beyonce! I dunno! Hope his side chick isn’t rih, that would be some Serious Drama!

  16. Team Solange!!! It’s unfortunate that people will make her out to be the villain without knowing what provoke her behavior. We’ll probably never know, she will always have her sister’s back. I have a lot of respect when she cancelled her tour last year due to health issues, transparency helps us to live more authentically. She might be bi polar, but who knows what happened that night. It might have been something really foul that set her off. It was apparent that she has temper and that she’s not passive aggressive, by a long shot! If if was a manic episode,

  17. If it was a manic episode, she regained her composure during an elevator ride. But, I believe it was on behalf of her sister, they are no different that other families, no such thing as perfect people or power couples, that easily turns into battle of the wills. Beyonce ain’t no punk either, trust and believe!

  18. Of course it has to be all her fault because Beyonce and Jay-Z are perfect … You don’t turn up on your brother in law for no reason. There is more to that than any of use will probably ever know.

  19. @ME you’re right we may never know what happened. Just like we don’t know what Whitney wrote in that letter she gave to Brandy before she died.

  20. Wow. Thats a little disturbing. All that Glitters isn’t Gold. People live extrodinary lives, but have regular problems. People are painting this altercation like Solange is “crazy”. I believe Solange had good reason for her outburst. Although I dont condone violence, she was clearly heated about something. If it was unprovoked wouldnt BK have been animated and not so passive. Only time will tell. I wish them well.

  21. I can’t help but laugh. Jay-z must of had it coming to be honest. Solange is a strong sista so she must of had to really pissed off.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  22. The reasons behind the altercation are no one’s business. This was a private family matter and should have remained as such.

    No Bey and Jay are not perfect nor is their family devoid of drama, no one’s family is. However, I do applaud Bey for keeping her composure under the circumstances. Dare I say, if Solange could have kept it together until they got home we would not be having this conversation. Hope they work it out.

  23. I always find it amazing how people inject their own personnel conclusion and bias into a situation that they have no background of. People are saying its cheating or it must be this or that. The bottom line is whatever it was that upset Solange she should not have hit Jay Z. As the video shows she attacked him several times and struck him multiple times. To his credit he did not retaliate this is the only thing we have a visual reference to look at. Even though he was hit and kicked multiple times he did not hit back. If he had struck her 1 time, all the women’s rights activist and people would have jumped all over him weather they knew the cause or not!!!. At what point is it ok for a women to strike a man. Solange should have just waited for the elevator to open and just walked away period.
    It doesn’t matter what he said! Imagine if she had said something he didn’t like and he went off the same way she did, People would be boycotting Jay Z this moment and you know I am telling the truth!

  24. S May 13, 2014 at 12:16 pm
    The reasons behind the altercation are no one’s business. This was a private family matter and should have remained as such.

    No Bey and Jay are not perfect nor is their family devoid of drama, no one’s family is. However, I do applaud Bey for keeping her composure under the circumstances. Dare I say, if Solange could have kept it together until they got home we would not be having this conversation. Hope they work it out.

  25. @Banet62
    I totally agree with your comment. Honestly I beleive this is the very thing that got Chris Brown in trouble with Rhianna, she did to hime what Solo did to Jay , only thing is he took the bait and hit her back, unlike Jay.

  26. In my conclusion and it is clearly my opinion that was that is the last draw I can’t take it anymore. Now what she can’t take God and the people on that elevator only knows. I think it is abnormal for a situation like this to occur and it is your sister and your husband and you just stand there like what.

    I believe Beyoncé is living a nightmare and has been for a while. She was too young when she got with that grown man and he knows without her I won’t say he’s nobody but she took him to another level. I think she is in an abusive relationship and has been for awhile. Hitting is not the only form of abuse. And again this is just my opinion I do not know these people.

  27. would you lonely women stop thinking something is wrong with Bey and Jay’s relationship! this video shows Solo acting a plum fool. and nothing else. Jay didn’t hit bey or Solo. and he not cheating in the elev. Yall reaching.

  28. Solange deleted every single photo of her sister off of her Instagram page. If that isn’t telling I don’t know what is.

  29. This is so sad, but unfortunately it happens in many families. No one is perfect and it just goes to show we all dealing with something and no matter whether you are in the public eye or not we all got issues. I pray that God healed all of them in Jesus Name.

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