“Gimme Dat” Video Teaser By Ciara

The official video for Ciara’s hot new “Gimme Dat” single isn’t due to debut until Tuesday, October 12th, however, we have your first look at what to expect right now. Ciara posted a video teaser via Twitter just a few moments ago and according to the singer, she thinks it will be epic. Check it out below and let us know if you agree.

Update: Ciara’s video was leaked early so the singer has decided to go ahead and release the official VEVO version as well. Check it out below.


  1. I don’t know about epic..but I’m sure it will be entertaining

  2. wat it looks lik it cud be 3d which kelis just did for her recent video unless she got some new dance moves GEESH

  3. It looks interesting.I still hate those converse/clear heels. Too stripperish and just tacky. But the choreography looks crazy! Can’t wait to view it 🙂


  5. I think te video is too much like every other video she’s done. I think Speechless was actually my favorite video from her because its completely different

  6. Pretty girl, great dancer but I’m just not into this chick.

  7. An Epic Fail is more like it. I miss “Goodies” Ciara, she was fresh and funky…these days Ciara is all over the place and doing way to much.

  8. At first I wasnt sure about the video- but dayum the stepping took me back to my HBCU college years !
    What you young’uns know about that?!

  9. Love it. The song is infectious and the dancing was superb, for the most part. The dancing in the beginning when she exited the car was sub-par and replicates the same moves she does in most of her video but when she entered the building, the level of dance elevated. It’s great to see our young sistas still aspiring and succeeding in the industry!!

  10. WOW, I’m impress really. She took back to her first single, and I’m sorry guys she remind me so much of Janet during “Rhythm Nation”…

  11. forget about the video for a second. what was up with the “FLY” belt she was wearing? had nothing to do with the rest of her get up. i don’t know if she was trying to prove a point with the heel attachments to the sneakers she was wearing. maybe she was feeling “i’m ciara and i matrix in any weather!”. who knows. i don’t know if it was just me but does it look as if the crotch of her pants weren’t made well. they look to funky like they couldn’t be a sag on purpose or tight up on purpose. just messed up. coulda gotten her better pants.

  12. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of see ciara do that bullsh-t where she bends back like she something out of the matrix movies, its like ok ciara we’ve seen you do that 87hundred thousand times i’m over it. ewwwww and the song it wack.

  13. as for the video, it was ok. nothing different from her. epic……meh! i wish she would showcase other kinds of dancing. i know she can do it all if she really tries. she’s a great dancer. there’s gotta be more to a female’s dancing repertoire than body rolls and such. i know she can do it. i hope she will in the future too. the stepping didn’t thrill me nor did the dancing in the raid part or the multiple ciaras dancing together. the video was just okay.

  14. Quite frankly NOBODY does anything different. How many different ways can you dry hump in a video. That goes for BEYONCE, CIARA, RIHANNA…. Pretty much all of them do the same crap. Ciara can do better than this. She’s a great dancer, enough with the butt popin stripper routines already, DAMN!! Janelle Monae is an example of creative dance. And it stands out even more because the rest do the same bs.

  15. “Janelle Monae is an example of creative dance. And it stands out even more because the rest do the same bs.”


  16. The towel scene remindes me of Aaliyah”More than a woman”A little bit of beyonce from(Diva,Crazy in love). This is just typical Ciara..same dances,gettin bored actually. Then I thought I was lookin @ the movies “Stomp the yard,She can move…lol. Feel here career is done.

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