Video: ‘Thick of It’ by Mary J. Blige


‘Thick of It’ Video by Mary J. Blige

Singer Mary J. Blige is back with the visual for her new single Thick of It. The track is the first to be released from the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’s thirteenth solo album, Strength of a Woman, due out later this year.

The album comes in the midst of Mary’s divorce from her longtime manager Kendu Isaccs. Kendu has credits on several of Mary’s previous albums, and is currently seeking over 100k a month in spousal support from the singer.

Mary has been very vocal about her marital issues on tour, a theme she says will continue on the album. In a recent interview with Billboard, Mary says she’s always been honest with her fans about her life, and will continue to do so. She also revealed Strength of a Woman will feature contributions from Jazmine Sullivan, Kanye West and Hit-Boy.


  1. I love Mary J. Blige and the video slays!!!!!!! You better SLAY Mary J. Blige!!!!!!

  2. Nice video. Mary looks damn good.

    Who thinks her husband is entitled to that 100k he’s asking for?

  3. @Dana

    I wonder why Kendu wasn’t getting a salary all these years? He was acting as Mary’s manager and he’s listed as co-writer on several of her songs. Fair is fair. If he wasn’t getting a salary, then he is indeed entitled to something. Also, sometimes it’s just best to keep some things separate. Whatever he was doing before he married Mary he should’ve kept doing after he married her. Becoming totally dependent on her financially was a bad move. No man or woman should ever do that.

  4. Does anyone know what Kendu did before Mary? Women are notorious for marrying down and allowing their men to insert themselves into their already successful careers. He probably quit his low paying job to live off of her. Men who marry up always call themselves managers. What did he mange exactly? I need details. What moves did he make on Mary’s behalf?

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