Video: Tinashe, Jason Derulu and Ciara Tribute Miss Jackson at the BET Awards

JANET JACKSON DANCE TRIBUTE BET AWARDSBe honest. Did you really give a damn about anything at last night’s BET Awards besides the dance tribute to Janet Jackson and her appearance?

I know I didn’t. Even though I didn’t watch live, I kept hitting up Twitter just waiting for my timeline to be all Janet, all the time.

Sadly, it took nearly three hours, but I can honestly say it was worth the wait.

Tinashe did well in her Pleasure Principle tribute, and Jason Derulo was acceptable. Ciara, however, was clearly the one the audience was waiting for and she slayed her performance of If and Rhytmn Nation.

Of course, none of them could ever touch Janet’s greatness, but for a tribute performance, they all represented well.


  1. Meh to all of the performances. It kinda goes back to an adage “I” use and that is usually the only one who can do it justice is the original…in this case Janet. I can’t deny the hype leading up to the performances, though. But meh.

  2. Yes, Sista I was first mad when BET announced there giving Janet the ICON award. Why I was mad, because I then had to watch some of the BET awards show, then happy because Janet was getting the award. It’s the quality of music and the class of the artist(s) that has gone downhill, hence not wanting to watch the foolery.

    Kudos to the hosts of this year’s BET awards show, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Elis Ross, they were good. And I must admit I started watching Blackish and it is a laugh riot. I’ve learned not to judge a show by its name and bad initial promos. Still never watching orange is the new black though… (Had to add that in).

    Anyways back to Janet. All day, every day. Did Janet look amazing or what? She looked happy, in love, and rested. Pure class, self-assuredness, humility and grace.

    Dance Tribute: Tinashe had a hard routine to mimic, not technical wise, but visual wise. She had to hold our attention by herself. Janet in her black t-shirt and guess jeans dancing in an empty warehouse is indelibly printed on our minds. Jason Derulo has been improving in regards to his singing and dancing, I give him credit he was alright. As for Ciara, she was amazing, I see girlfriend practised. Ciara was giving me some Janet and some Michael. She was on point. You know what Ciara needs some cut throat managers; to push her over the edge (exposure wise). The dancers to Janet’s new Hit “No Sleeep”, I wasn’t so feeling the customs, a little cheap looking. But good job, everyone worked hard. Now the video montage, I wish they could have thrown in some Janet video clips, why was that missing?

    You know you bad when an award show (Network) makes up an award just so you will appear…LOL. Sista, it was not lost on me either. I wonder who will win that award next year…No one! I guess that’s the reason why things were a little rushed.

    Kudos to Janet…can’t wait for the Tour and Album. And I would so love lots of magazine covers. Her look was Janet. era 2.0.

  3. @Sista, do you guys review comments now or what?

  4. Honestly the award show almost hurt my soul to watch. Boring as whoa. Unorganized like whoa . Rushed and just plain stale. Stale as in it’s the same lame show every year with the same non-talented people winning every year. I will say Smokey Robinson had a nice speech and his performance was nice. Am I the only on who noticed he has gotten the crouched over old posture now? Anywho, Tom Joyner getting an award was great. Besides that I didn’t have much patience for anything else. I wanted to see the tribute and see what Janet would look like.

    That tribute,*sigh* I must say when I heard about who they chose I was damn near upset because the only one worth doing it was Ciara. I was wondering why they couldn’t find two more worthy people to join her. I didn’t think Tinashe was much of a dancer. So I thought that was a poor choice. Jason Derulo, ugh I feel he is always this “___” close to being moderately acceptable. That goes for his songs and dancing and overall steez. He proved me right at the show. His dancing had no heart in it and I almost lost him on stage surrounded by the other dancers. He felt unnecessary. Tinashe, I’ll give her that she can dance. What I didn’t like was all the extra and unneeded sexiness put into the pleasure principle dance. But I won’t blame her for that, I’ll blame the choreographer. Ciara did well but it was still lacking. I feel she could have done better. The rhythm nation part wasn’t even long enough for me. My overall disappointment at who was chosen to do the choreography just shows the broken and sad state that black music is in right now. They didn’t have much to choose from.

    Then I wondered who was this group of whoevers dancing to her new song. As for Janet, Her outfit was nice but I feel like I’ve seen her wear that already. No dis just felt like deja vu or something.

    Can we be real, like the last commenter said, that award was made up last minute for Janet so BET could say they they Janet’s first appearance since dropping her new record. I know sly when I see it. They no longer have any music shows on their network besides the award shows and even those are lacking. They won’t have a everyday music show like 106 where she could come and give an interview like before so this was the only way. They also figured giving her an award may sweeten the deal to make her come. Strange enough I think she only came for her tribute segment and then left with her mother and father shortly thereafter. Old BET would have blown the roof off that thang with her tribute. New BET spent too much time kissing gay/trans people’s behinds the whole night to even properly put on a show

    The hosts were corny(tracee) and just aight(anthony). They could have done better, they weren’t terrible though. The award show is closely getting to the point of having no real hosts because they didn’t get much hosting time on stage. That little boy (oldest son) on Blackish is exactly who he plays on that show, haha. All in all the award show was lame as whoa.

  5. I am so sorry. Don’t know how you ended up in the spam folder for two days before I caught your comments. Shame on me 🙁

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