Video: Titans x James Dean by Dawn Richard

Singer Dawn (she dropped her last name recently) is back with the visual for her single Titans x James Dean, the seventh to be released from her Blackheart album.

The video is actually a mash-up of Titans, an interlude on the Blackheart album, and James Dean, a fully-realized track from the album.

The video is broken into two halves, with the first showcasing Dawn’s impeccable dance skills.

The second features a more vamped-up Dawn, sporting a James Dean t-shirt, thigh-high boots and a whole lot of attitude.

Dawn called the visual her most “physically demanding” to date, but also called it her favorite, noting it’s simplicity and stripped down choreography.

Despite being an independent artist with no major label support, Dawn continues to put out innovative videos that rival those of her more popular contemporaries. With a little radio support, she could actually be a force to reckon with in the industry.