Video Chick=Promiscuous?

Who knew that Angela Lola luv and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans did not like each other? There has been a beef brewing between the two. Luv has no respect for Steffans because she feels that she gives video vixens a bad name by sleeping with the artists. I know that some people feel that all of the video chicks are hoes and everyone of them sleep with the artists but Luv says different. She also makes claim that no one knew Steffans before the book. I don’t necessarily think that we should generalize and assume that every woman in a video is a whore and is sleeping with the artists.

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  1. Angel Lola Luv doesn’t have the right to go in on anybody, she’s just as pathetic as Karrine. And no one knew her before she sucked a rapper off and got him to pay for that big ugly silicone booty.

  2. I agree LJ! Some of those video vixens don’t even need to do videos… they do it for fun. Some are already well established. And others grind just like everone else! Karrine I truely believe needs some sort of help!

  3. Video chicks,Rnb vixens, video model They are all hoes in my book, There is a misconception about hoes out there You do not have to sleep with a lot of people to be a ho your demeanor makes you one, i know a lot of chicks who slept with contless people but they are not ho just happend to have a lot of boyfriend looking for that pathetic little thing called Love, So angel lola luv need to shut up, from her photoshoots to her demeanor to that lil face she makes when sh’e around rappers, she is a ho in my book, if you coochie pop for everyone else btu not your man you’s a ho, if you wear outfit for everyone to see your p—y lips you’re a ho plain and simple

  4. i don’t see why either 1 of these women are even being mentioned. who cares about these women who portray a negative image of black women period?

  5. This topic is a hot mess lol. She need to sit down with her fake butt. I she just want to be seen and heard because her career is not going anywhere.

  6. I agree with all the ladies above. she need to sit her fake trollop a$$ down, because she is just as bad as any of the rest

  7. I don’t know who Angela Lola luv is, so I can not comment, but LOL @ Voice. LMAO

  8. I personally don’t think all video girls sleep around with the artists. Even Karrine and others have said that some of them have a habit of being quite uppity when it comes to hanging out with rappers or whatnot. Some of them just want to do their job and “model”.

    However, the image that comes along with being a video girl is that of a hoe to the public. That’s the truth, and Lola Luv knows that. Plus, I doubt that she’s one of the girls that just does her job. I’ve heard her speak, and it’s a trainwreck. Just a mess of inarticulation.

    Personally, why don’t they want to be strippers? I think some of them make decent money (so they tell me), and usually it doesn’t come with a video for your kids to see one day. Or your employer.

  9. @ Majesa

    You are right, some girls are trying to pay for college have a serious modeling career or be a actor, and you don’t see those girls in too many videos. I remember this girl from one of Nellys video she was very pretty and seemed to be nice and I only saw her in like 2 or 3 videos. When you see a chick that’s always surrounded like Lola they are giving it up. She’s a big time bopper.

  10. @drea…whenever a blackwoman in the limelight do something that is tasteless & hateful..they make themselves look bad not you and i. :noway: am i gonna take the blame for someone elses mistakes and if you or any other sista decides to do so then other cultures of women are gonna continue to help beat us down.

  11. @drea…whenever a blackwoman in the limelight do something that is tasteless & hateful..they make themselves look bad not you and i

    that’s the way you see it, but everyone else take them as a representation of US, if people didnt see them as “black chicks” with a s we wouldnt be worry about what they do and how

  12. I mean come on now Do these video chicks honestly think that we believe that they are not sleeping with music artist. Please spare me :bag:

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