Video: Woman By Toni Braxton

In her latest video Toni Braxton sings that she is a woman who knows what she wants. As I approach my late 30s I can definitely appreciate lyrics like that. There is nothing like coming into your own and knowing what you want outta your job, your family, your life, and yes, even your man.

Give it up for Toni in this simplified video. It is my favorite track off of her “Pulse” album.


  1. Oh My! Me likey her vocal stylings. I FELT IT!

  2. I agree. “Woman” is my ABSOLUTE favorite song off of the album and it is sooooo empowering because for me it was a coming of age song. It’s lyrics of “I’m a woman. I woman with a heart, and I deserve you all. I’m NOT some girl who Don’t Know What she wants! I’m a woman, and I need to be touched. I need to be loved….cause being just “your woman” is not enough”

    Amen! It was those lyrics accompanied by the bridge of “If I’m your friend, I only need you sometimes. If I’m you’re lady, you gotta treat me like….I’m A WOMAN!!!….”

    That empowered me enough to declare that my boyfriend and I needed to just be friends ’cause he wasn’t giving me the time I needed or deserved as a significant other. I was in a situation where I Felt single, but wasn’t and ultimately I determined with Toni’s help…her pulse album is like medicine for me I PROMISE!…that I deserved more and if I was gonna FEEL alone while being “in a relationship” I might as well BE alone.

    Now, again, I love the song….and usually Ms. Braxton can do no wrong for me, but I have to be completely honest…she looked really NOT her best in this vid. Her hair looked like a dead raccoon and her dress is expensive I’m sure, but looks incredibly cheap. I like that she was showcasing her live singing ability,buut she could have looked WAY better. Just saying.

    Beautiful song tho 🙂 Love it.

  3. Toni Braxton’s new video is awesome! Simple haven’t seen too many live music videos around lately. I just wanted to say if you haven’t picked up Toni’s new album Pulse I suggest you do so! Her album is Fierce!!!!

    I have to also give props for the hands tied video now that was something else wow….

    TB ROCKS!!!!!!! :bowdown:

  4. very nice!!!! *applause* i LOVE this song and I can really relate to what she’s saying. work it Toni!!! that’s one bad a$$ chick right there!

  5. Love the song, album, video!

    I love that she’s showing musicians…let us get back to creating music! I think of “music majors” and my heart goes out to them because talent scouts aren’t combing colleges campuses like they used to…so I applaud this video for those who invest in their careers whether singing in the bathroom and posting on youtube or those majoring and studying music!

    It’s an empowering song and a video with a message!

    Thanks for sharing!

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