Rihanna Unveils New Video

So here it is, Rihanna’s very cutesy black and white video for “You Da One,” the second single to be lifted from her Gold certified “Talk That Talk” album.

Directed by longtime collaborator, Melina, Rihanna has once again struck gold with a visually striking clip that is guaranteed to help propel the single into pole position.

As it stands right now, “You Da One” is #26 on iTunes. I predict it will be #1 by next week. ‘YDA’ is actually a great single on its own and needs no video in my opinion.

If airplay continues to go up RiRi will be looking at her 12th #1 single in only about 5 ½ years. Quite an accomplishment.

If Rihanna could move more albums, she would probably be far mores respected in the industry.

Despite being certified Gold, “Talk That Talk” has not actually sold 500,000 copies and is struggling on the U.S. charts, prsently occupying the #14 spot after only a month of being in release.


  1. LOVE IT.

    Princess RihRih. I mean, man! I’m in love with her legs. Does that make me weird? LOL

    Cute song. Like how her accent shines. Nice video. *looks at watch* Counting down to video/song shooting to #1, in 5, 4, 3, 2…


  2. The video will definitely help the song. (And yes, the song needs help.)

    The words flying all over the place were distracting but otherwise it was fine.

    It felt like a mod-noir version of Rude Boy. She had a lot of the same moves in this video as she did in that one.

    But overall, good video.

  3. I like the video. The video is very creative. I especially like the fact that it is in black and white.I’m sure this will be another number 1 hit for her. It’s one of my favorites off of the album

  4. Artistically, this is a great video! The close-up face shots with the short wig are stunningly beautiful, as are the ones of the body images…the crouch-grabbing could have been minimized, for real…a strong video will push a song up the charts for her…I give Rihanna credit for bringing the clockwork orange theme…smart move since she didn’t take a break after Loud…she’s rolling and rocking this reign!

  5. I actually liked the words flying at you- it seemed to me like a magazine article coming to life?

    @Ella- that’s a great point- it is like a noir Rude Boy.

    I will be honest and say that I could do with less self touching, I just don’t like to see it.

    I’m patiently waiting on Rihanna to bring back her short cut! I think she just looks so much more glam with it!

    Overall I think it’s a great video, the song is cute but it’s not my fave. Still hope she does well!

  6. Ok RIRI YDA Original Noir getting there. Good luck to you Sugar.

  7. After the WFL vid, I expect so much more. That & Man Down are such dynamic visuals, so seeing the same ol’ same ol’ from her becomes extremely boring now.

  8. I think this video sucked. Tired of seeing these chicks grab and rub on their crotch. Find something else to do.

  9. I don’t understand how Bey’s dance for you video is “raunchy” but this is cute?!

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