Viva Glam Nicki is a MAC Bestseller


Here is a story I meant to post about a week ago but forgot because I have been busy redecorating my ENTIRE apartment.

Before I get to the story, just let me say this: ASHLEY FURNITURE SUCKS. LOL. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, IT DOES.

Anyway, did you guys know that MAC’s ‘Viva Glam Nicki’ lipstick is the bestselling Viva Glam lipstick ever?

Nicki tweeted the news a few weeks ago and MAC quickly followed up with a press release, though it is always their policy never to reveal numbers.

At any rate, Nicki has brought neon pink lipstick to the forefront and for better or worse it is here to stay. If you haven’t tried this color or are generally scared of bright lipstick, know that the key is and always has been lip liner. I can make any bright lipstick fit my brown skin by paring it with the right lip liner.

And though I haven’t bought Viva Nicki, I routinely rock MAC’s ‘Pink Plaid’ lipstick with MAC’s ‘Plum’ lip liner.

However, if you wanna try Viva Nicki but are too scared, let Destiny Godley show you how.


  1. Congrats Nicki. And I LOOOOOVE Miss Destiny Godley! 🙂

  2. I’m not a fan of her music, but I congratulate her for her accomplishments! But, I believe she is creative and talented, and there’s a great ballad inside, she seems to have a lot of inner-turmoil and pain. I think once she puts aside some of her pre-diva antics and realize, like Justin Bieber is probably feeling that the astro-ride to superstardom is a double-edge sword and the opportunity to be eclipsed by the next marketing made rocket star is quietly waiting in the wings.

    Kudos to Nicki for making history with MAC! Her career is blazing hot!

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