Vivian Green Interview: Still Beautiful

Singer Songwriter Vivian Green is back with her third album release Beautiful. Check out Brown Sista’s interview with her. We certainly missed this sistah…

BrownSista: You have been away for a while. What did you do on your break?

Vivian Green: I focused on being a mother mostly. My son’s health wasn’t so good when he was born so I took time to be with him. Which was the best because I took the time to solely tend to that and he is doing amazingly well now. Praise God.

Brownsista: I read somewhere that you said in an interview that your fans did not enjoy your second album. Why do you feel that way and what did you do differently to prevent that from happening with this album?

Vivian Green: I loved the second album. I have said that, but it only pertains to “some” fans. Fans who were upset my hair was straight and weaved and expected me to have an earthy image of some sort….I guess. Think they wanted me to have more of an organic sound when “Vivian” was more R&B than anything else. Many fans loved it and I was happy with it. I cant say I was thinking about that when making “Beautiful”….(laughs)….I love soul r&b and pop so that’s what I did with this album. As far as my image I love to change my hair from very short then grow it back(may weave it while it’s growing! lol) I love fitting clothing ALWAYS have….(laughs)…..I dont know. People get so upset when you’re just being yourself. On the cover of “Beautiful” my hair is asymmetrical…..and it’s all mine…l (laughs)…..but then 3 months later I cut it all off! again! (laughs)

Brownsista: What was the inspiration behind the single “Beautiful”?

Vivian Green: I wanted to say something positive to the guys since I’ve known for making more male-bashing songs…(laughs)….it was a nice and pleasant way to say goodbye and wish someone well without all of the anger.

Brownsista:com What mental place were you in for the creation of the album Beautiful?

Vivian Green: Very Very happy. My outlook on life now is to see the positive that I’ve been blessed with, because lots of people in the world don’t have two changes of clothing or fresh water… son’s experience in this world was just so inspiring and life is indeed, Beautiful.

Brownsista: I listened to the interlude with you and your son on this album. How much does your son influence your music and in what way?

Vivian Green: He inspired that song yes, but I cant say he has inspired others specifically. Being his mother has put such a positive outlook on my life….so the happiness in the record in general is definitely related to being his mother. How do you balance being a mommy and an artist?

Vivian Green: I am so blessed I have SO MUCH HELP. It’s so amazing….and not nanny’s and what not! lol just family and friends who love him and help me TREMENDOUSLY.

Brownsista: Do you ever find it difficult to write for other artists?

Vivian Green: Not really. I actually enjoy it and look forward to doing more of that in the future. When writing for another person I’ll say something that I would perhaps NEVER say in my own song. My alter ego gets to play and it’s fun. (laughs)

Brownsista: Is there anyone that you have never worked with that you would love to write a single for?

Vivian Green: Celine Dion LOVE HER!

Brownsista: What will be single number 2?

Vivian Green: “Too Intense”…..I think

Brownsista:com Are there any other projects we can expect from you?

Vivian Green: Just trying to promote Beautiful right now but after this dies down I’m sure I’ll find something to get into to. One of my BIGGEST dreams is to write songs for a Broadway Musical!

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  1. I love the single beautiful looking forward to her next single.

  2. Wasn’t crazy about the beautiful single…but, after hearing it more and more…it’s the beautiful truth…thanks for the reminder, I will get her cd…I saw her perform at an event and she’s so good and very personable…she’s not singing, but having a conversation, had me holding on to her every word and note! See her live, it’s an experience!

    Go Vivian…

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