Vivica Fox Arrested For DUI

Actress Vivica Fox was reportedly arrested last night under the suspision of driving while drunk.After being pulled over by a CHP for exceeding the speed limit, Vivica was given a field sobriety test. She failed the test and was then taken to the Van Nuys Jail.Vivica was once again given two breathalyzer tests which she is believed to have failed also.Vivica did not have to spend the night in a cell though as she was cited by police and released on her own recognizance to the custody of her assistant.She will have to appear in court at a later date, to be determined by the City Attorney’s office within 45 days if they decide to proceed with charging her.



  1. Vivica seems too level headed to ever drive while intoxicated.She prolly was legally drunk but still able to function normally.Everybody speeds on the freeway in L.A.

  2. Any one who drinks and drives deserves the death penalty 😡

  3. I don’t know what’s up with her. Ever her career has been staggered and since 50 cent she has not been the same. I hope her life turns around soon. 😥

  4. Is it just me or she getting uglier. Vivica is lookin to plastic for me these days. Gurlfran must stay away from the plastic surgeons in vanity town.

  5. She is getting uglier and pretty stupid too. She thought plastic surgery was going to make her look good and probably get 50 back. I guess she thought wrong. :lol2: She got in way over her head after that 50cent fiasco and she messed her pretty face up and her career. It’s like she don’t know what to do but act a fool. I’m going to pray for sista girl that she’ll get herself together.

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