The Cycle: Vivica Fox (Updated)

The Cycle is seven questions with an African American woman in Entertainment. Today’s Cycle is with the lovely, vivacious, Vivica Fox.

1. LJ Knight: What projects are you presently working on? I heard that you will be on a series.

Vivica Fox: I’m working on a Nickelodeon show called True Jackson. It is in development. I will play KeKe Palmer’s mom. I am also working on a reality show. The reality show I’m developing will be about the next chapter of my life. I am moving to Miami. I have always in life loved three women. Pam Grier, Diana Ross and Jane Kennedy. Diana Ross was the fashion thing with Glam God, Pam Grier would be more the Kill Bill chick. Jane Kennedy growing up was one of the first African American sportscasters. I am a sports junkie. I grew up in Indiana. I play basketball, run track, was a cheerleader. I wake up everyday to ESPN. We came up with a very interesting concept. I am just like all of the women in their 40’s. The baby boomers. It is a new chapter. It is like starting over, and not being afraid to start over and meet new people, to enter into a new occupation. This will be a new genre for me. I am going to be falling on my face and getting embarrassed and I am willing to do that. Being in the business that we are in you have to find a way to reinvent yourself. This is how you keep longevity.

LJ Knight: I never knew that you were a sports junkie like that. You are a tomboy.

Vivica Fox: Girl, I love basketball, golf, tennis, track, football. I love it! I’m from Indiana. I have two older brothers and when I was growing up wrestling was huge so I got put in all kinds of moves and holds so I had to hang or get ran over.

2. LJ Knight: After all of the rumors about you and Fifty and your relationship ups and downs. Why did you decide to do a video with him?

Vivica Fox: Well two things. It was time to do something different. I have never played the psycho chick. I chose that role. Originally he had another role chosen for me but I told him I wanted that one. I thought it would be wonderful for us to be on the screen together. Chemistry was never the problem with us. It was going out to events, and good for people to see that. It is kind of funny that 6 years later people are so intrigued by us. It is good that we are friends.

LJ Knight: Has it really been six years? Wow! Seems like you guys were just dating a year ago.

Vivica Fox: We dated back in 2003 honey. I know girl talk about longevity. They just wouldn’t let it go. I was like no. We only dated for 4 months.

LJ Knight
: You know what it is? It is exciting.

Vivica Fox: I think we are like the jack Nicholson and whats her name, the beautiful….

LJ Knight: Anjelica Huston.

Vivica Fox
: Yes! I am the classy girl and he was the bad boy. People like that.

LJ Knight: There is no hard feelings left, you guys are cool? Strictly Platonic now?

Vivica Fox
: Yeah we are way cool and just friends.

LJ Knight: So with you guys, you simply just didn’t work out or …

Vivica Fox: We did a gig together, started to date and it did not work out. It just happens that we formally dated. Huge contradiction to people saying I was heartbroken and destroyed. (laughs) I was like what! No way! I love that he went on the Vivica tour and said it was his fault and that he was not ready. That was wonderful to see him do as a man. It was good for other young men to see.

3. LJ Knight
: Especially since a lot of men hate to take responsibility for their actions without excuses. Moving on. What does Vivica Fox do for fun?

Vivica Fox: I’m in Miami, I go to a spa. I love hanging out with my family and watching my nieces and nephews and going to their games. Spending time with my sister. I worked so hard for so many years that I missed simple celebrations. I have been grinding for a long time. They always have been so supportive. Like now we take family vacations. I took my family to Disney World. It was so cool to watch the kids get the VIP treatment where they did not have to wait in line sometimes. They were so excited. Simple things like that. To hang out with my sister and take her to Vegas for her 50th birthday to see Cher. She got to go backstage and meet Cher. Take my dad on vacation who has never seen a beach before. I love my family and I think that in life we have to take the time to treasure each other.

LJ Knight: The lifestyle and career you have it is so easy to get caught in a bunch of superficial nothingness.

Vivica Fox
: Ofcourse. You can get very caught up on whats the next gig? How can I do this? But you know what, I have done Vivica well.

4. LJ Knight: Of all the role that you have done, which one was the closest to you? Or have you not found that role yet?

Vivica Fox: Oh no no, Chante from Two Can Play That Game was all me. I was very hands on and involved with the writing. I think she was the closest to Vivica and it was my first starring role. It was not just for me but what it represented for African American women.

LJ Knight: Are you that feisty in real life when it comes to men and dating?

Vivica Fox
: I have been so career driven so I could be. But now I have settled down. I’m calmer.

LJ Knight: You are a Leo and you guys usually don’ take mess from anyone.

Vivica Fox: I’m definitely a lion.

5: LJ Knight: Many Black actresses in Hollywood complain that there are not a lot of roles for them. Do you agree?

Vivica Fox: A lot of people want to do something but they are waiting on their agent to find it for them. Their agent can only make phone calls. It is up to you to network. Also, being around the music industry as I have, I see that they do several things. They act, they sing, they are business people. You have to make it happen for you. Like right now, I have a wig line coming out. Child! We got make sure we get some good hair. Also I am working on a clothing line. I am learning to become a business woman. Often times people get so focused on that next role or next gig. But you cannot limit yourself. Maybe you need to take some vocal classes or dance classes. Here is a martial arts film coming up can you? Or here is a movie coming up where you have to sing. Can you?

LJ Knight: (laughs) Girl, you know how women are about their hair. You got to get it right. Tell me more about the wig line. What is special about your particular wigs?

Vivica Fox
: Yeah, it will be called Fox Divine. It will drop mid 2010. We are going to have extension pieces, pony tails, the colors will be good, the textures will have to be good. (laughs)

6. LJ knight: Girl, you got to get it right! Can you tell me something that your biggest fan would not know about you?

Vivica Fox: I am very sensitive. Girl, you can take me to a love story or a good movie and baby I will boo-who all over you.

LJ Knight
: (laughs)

Vivica Fox
: I am very sensitive and not afraid to cry. My dad is very sensitive and so sweet. Whenever we see each other we go into tears. People are like I know where she gets that crying s**t from! If something touches my heart, I have no problem crying. Like that little baby. The five year old girl Shaniya Davis. Girl I cried a bucket of tears. I have a soft spot. Girl! Even at a movie like Memoirs Of A Geisha. My friend said “girl do you need to compose yourself?” (laughs) I also have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh. I’m not mean. I will crack a joke on you if you do something funny. I would never embarrass anyone though.

7. LJ Knight: (laughs) Tell me about your Alter Ego shoot with Derek Blanks.

Vivica Fox
: I have seen a lot of Derek Blanks work and loved it. It is like being in a fantasy. You can create characters. I believe that we have the good side and the bad side. I did a sexy vampire because they are all the rage right now. Kind of like taking a walk on the dark side. Then I did an angel. The pictures will be released on New Years Eve. I was pleased with the shoot. He let me be very involved. This was my complete vision. I also am going to be the voice of Angel Dynamite on the Cartoon Network’s Scooby Doo Animated Series in 2010. I really want to thank my fans for being here for me over the years and I want them all to have a blessed 2010.

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Updated to include Vivica’s Alter Ego shoot with D. Blanks.

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  1. Vivica Fox: “Yes! I am the classy girl and he was the bad boy. People like that.”


  2. no offense but could’ve asked better questions… I mean, who cares about her and 50? obviously they aren’t together…

  3. Thanks Serle,
    I thought I was the only one thinking that! Lol & Smh. Well, I guess every female thinks that she is classy and a “5 Star Chick” (rolling eyes). Vivica has some good things going for herself, but I dont think I would use the word classy to define her; I guess compared to dating 50 she would be labeled as classy b/c of his bad boy image?!?

  4. 50 put it on her and she still has feelings for him, seems like to me.

  5. 50 a bad boy, I’m not buying that. 50 is well composed and well mannered, and articulate. He’s actually interesting. I see that whole image is to sell recvrds, cuz that all that is.

    The only black actress that is presently on the scene that is classy and sophisticated is Kerry Washington. She represents herself very well. Oh and Victoria Rowell.

  6. Love Vivica Fox. She stays on her grind.

    I love the fact that she produces movies. My favorite is Motives with Shemar Moore.

    She is classy because she REFUSED to down 50 even when he was doing/saying REALLY hurtful things about her. I hope she finds true love and continues to be blessed.

    Girl Power in 2010!!!!!!!!

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