Vivica Fox To Host The Really Awards

Vivica Fox Mr Chows001Vivica Fox Mr Chows002Vivica Fox Mr Chows003

Vivica A. Fox was a vision of loveliness as she was spotted outside of Mr Chow in Hollywood, California. The actress turned reality TV hostess will put both of her skills to good use when she hosts the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. The “Reallys” celebrate the best in reality television and will take place on October 17th at the famed Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood.


  1. I think she looks good here. 🙂 But then again I haven’t blown the image up either LOL Nice dress!

  2. Black people we do NOT need I repeat NOT need plastic surgery….STOP IT!

    she looks nice though hope she doesn’t go beyond If you know what I mean

  3. her body is still nice, i still dnt understand the reason why black women wud wanna permanently photoshop their faces….God created us not to crack,he new that he was crafting quality,longevity,strength and beauty in us,we arent beings suffering from disoders,we are enriched with a mineral called melanin and essential fats that keeps our bodies moist and supple,we need to ask for forgiveness for ill treating ourselves,how can we treat his image and likeness like this? just had an aha! moment

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