Vivica Gets Foxy For Her New Photo Shoot

Vivica A. Fox


  1. alright Vivca. In her mid 40’s and still killing it. Girl i ain’t mad. 🙂

  2. the pics are hot and she is a sexy woman but i think she is taking it too far in the second pic,she looks like a video vixen,i think she has mid-life crisis the bug that hits middle aged white women and she must lay off the botox its addictive…..but i still like her.

  3. OMG, Vivica. You’ve got some for-real hotness going on for yourself.

  4. Vivica is definitely hot. I love to see older women killing the game. They make the young girls look like they need to get a complete make over. Love her looks in the pictures.

  5. She looks great. The wig is almost Weny Williams-ish. But thumbs up to Viv.

  6. go on with your bad self Vivica. I would want to look as good as her when I get to be her age. Minus the surgeries and all.

  7. 3rd photo is the only age appropriate one up there (and it’s HOT!). But, no, Vivica really needs to stop IMHO.

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