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Karrine Steffans: The Vixen Manual With everyone talking about Karrine Steffan’s New Book “The Vixen Manual”, I decided to go find out for myself what all the hoopla was about. No, I did not go out and personally buy the book. Instead, I looked around online and found a few excerpts. To my surprise, Karrine’s book seems to be incredibly well written and it even has a bit of really good advice for single women. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with what I read, I am actually thinking about buying it for myself…. oops, I mean a friend.

Here is an excerpts from Chapter 1…

Eventually, most of us women tire of being single, always hanging out with the girls, meeting up for margaritas and club crawling, only to have to slink back home to an empty bed. We begin to long for the fulfillment of a relationship. This doesn’t have to mean we’re lonely, unable to be in the company of just ourselves. It simply means we no longer want to operate alone. Romantic companionship can be tremendously enriching, enhancing all areas of our lives, under the best circumstances. There’s Vixen Manual Cover something uniquely beautiful about Blockbuster nights under a fluffy duvet with someone special, our feet touching, our bodies entwined as we steal each other’s warmth. If only for a season, we all experience a very visceral need to couple, to be touched, and to at least feel loved. If it happens with enough repetition and mutuality, you may soon find that you’re no longer single. The trick, however, is to still be you. Even though you’ve found Mr. Wonderful, or just Mr. Seasonal, it’s important to remain singular and not get so lost in this wonderful (possibly seasonal) bliss that you disappear as an individual.

Make sure you have a strong understanding of who you are and what you stand for before you set out to be in a relationship. Know your singular self. The more you know about you, the better equipped you’ll be to participate in a healthy relationship, and you’ll be much less likely to tolerate what you don’t deserve.

Read more of Chapter 1 here and you can also watch video of Karrine’s appearance on the Today Show yesterday.


  1. The irony of this excerpt. The irony of this book. I. Just. Can’t.

    Ya’ll have at it.

  2. NO way I’m wasting my money on this trash. You spread your legs…and mouth for years and now you want to offer advice on relationships & love?? girl please :bag:

  3. :noway: I do not need to take any advice from Karrine. I have commonsense

  4. There are a lot of good books out on relationships and what not. I refuse to support her garbage. Do as I say, not as I do! Lord knows she isn’t living what she is preaching. She get’s :thumbsdown: from me.

  5. The reality of it is she is the type of woman your man would cheat on you for and alot of men have cheated with her so maybe we as much as it pains us to think about it or her like that maybe she does have some useful advice. Just because she was a slut does not mean she was stupid. And maybe this book would give some kind of insight of why men want women like this.

  6. No smart, self respectable woman needs a book to tell her how to get a man..And a whore doesn’t need to be told how to be a whore to sleep with someone elses man, these so called vixen handbooks are a waste of time and money.


  7. I’m sure Karrine knows everything there is to know about knowing and being secure in yourself before entering a relationship…

  8. u people are so damn judgemental and “holier-than-thou”, do y’all go to church? i think she really changed! she even says that it was wrong to be promiscuous, so shes not like most slutty women who are unrepentant…can u give her the benefit of the doubt? and no…im not her,or related to her, i just cant stand hypocrites

  9. i think her book is the truth!! a lot of men like “whores” they will cheat on you with one in a split second. why the hell do you all think the saying goes” i want a freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets . a lot of women who judge her are hypocrites and act like they themselves have never performed oral sex on a man and vice versa give me a freaking break..if your over the age of 21 you have went down on a man and you damn sure want a to go down on you!!!! so :stop: trying to judge her.. i don’t know why so many black women hate her but have such nice things to say about KIM K who is a used up whore with her nasty wack sex-tape shes damaged goods in Hollywood with her store bought booty lips breasts and God knows what else and was still able to pull a rich dumb pathetic black man who would not :noway: date any of you black women with the same rep .. all of these men shes slept with were “consenting adults” and half of the time they chased after her she didn’t make any of these men cheat on there wives and girlfriends these men were cheaters long before she came along and these wives/girlfriends might have gotten these men by being “the other woman” themselves.. women need to get a grip if you are not a virgin who yourselves have done everything shes done in bed and then some so :stop: lying and be real with yourselves.. just because your married doesnt make you a decent woman.. there’s a whole a lot of “married hoes” out here the man who marries you will just over look your number of “past sexual partners” because he loves you but .. no i am not saying what she did was always right but she has the right to change her life around and after all is said and done only God can judge her!!! if Kim K can release a sex-tape and get her own t.v show modeling contracts 1 million dollar playboy spread a 5 million dollar payoff for the release of her sex-tape and other numerous endorsements and has a rich black athlete named Reggie bush as a boyfriend that a lot of you black females drool over!! he over looked her slutty past and will probably eventually marry her,then karrine can write her books and make her money as well .. i’m sure Karrine never let Ray-j piss in her face like kim K did!!!

  10. also a lot of men are behind her this time around !!! the number 1 complaint by men is THEY DO NOT RECEIVE ENOUGH HEAD DAILY!!!!!!!! men of all races complain about this and a lot wish they wives/girlfriends pick up her manual because a lot of you think your men are satisfied when in fact they are not :thumbsdown: all of my men friends complain about the quality of head they get and they say :thumbsdown: and how they don’t want to hurt the woman in there lives feelings by telling them there head sucks!!!! you all might not like her delivery but in this area shes speaking THE TRUTH!!!! you all might not want to spend your money buying her book but the men in your lives might disagree!!!!! and no im not Karrine nor have i done half of the things shes done but i understand where shes coming from her book is not bad at all in fact its quite a good read.. her advice and techniques- TRUTH!!!! ask any man what kind of woman he likes in bed? a lady? or a lady who isnt afraid to do and try different things? basically being a freak ? im sure the men will say :iagree: i want the freak!!! :iagree: :iagree: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  11. Nelly, it’s interesting that you bash people for ‘judging’ Karrine, yet you turn around and judge Kim Kardashian. Does that make sense?

    Secondly, your ‘argument’ is nonsensical trash. Jesus!


  12. Why would anyone take relationship advice from a woman who claimed that her man ran over her foot and tried to kill her? Does that sound healthy?

    But then again, so many Black women have been conditioned to have low standards and accept scraps, so I guess it’s par for the course.


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