Video Music Awards: Fashion Edition (Updated)

The MTV Video Music Awards are in progress as I write this post, but like many of you I could care less about who wins these statuettes, I watch to see what folks are wearing and this year’s VMA’s are as outrageous as those from years past. Lil Kim probably set the standard back on 1999 when she wore her infamous purple jumpsuit that had one boobie hanging out. I loved that outfit. I thought is was daring and let’s face it- she did look good. However, I cannot say the same for up and coming female rapper, Little Mama. Look to your right and you will see what I mean. This sista showed up in a baby outfit with a pacifier hanging from her mouth. Granted- it was a jewel encrusted pacifier (lol), but it was still gosh darn hideous.

Check out poor Little Mama attempting to start a fashion trend I hope never catches on, and look for me to continually update this post throughout the evening.

Check out the pages below for more Brown Sista pics from the 2007 Video Music Awards.

You can also view performance pics from the show HERE.


  1. man I watch it right now How ya got that so fast

    PS. i like that what little mama got on

  2. This is the best I’ve ever seen Alicia Keys look! Someone has put a bug in her ear, cause the competition is getting steep, lol.

    Lil Mama is soooooooo cute. Love her image and rhymes!

  3. Rihanna looks GREAT and so does Shar Jackson. I love Shar’s personality. Go ahead, girl…

  4. Errr what does Rihanna look like, the Beyonce version of Pink Panther?? She should really stop raising them smallish boobies higher to look like they are proper enhanced, gosh they must really hurt and ache there!! =S

    Lil Mama looks pretty and cute wiv that gorgeous face and eyes….but come on girl that costume is ridiculous lol

  5. I like Lil’ Mama’s outfit but the pacifire has to go. Maybe she should’ve saved this one for Halloween.

  6. Lil mama looks cute.
    Alicia Keys looks sexy.
    Rihanna, my girl looking good.

  7. yeah you is right I ant trying to hate or be mean or something but that sh## was bad real talk fo real

  8. I have to agree! Britney was horrible 🙁

    I almost felt embarrassed for her. The host after her was even worse!

    Chris Brown rocked the house…

  9. Solange and Beyonce look bland, just like this show. No fire at all.

  10. brittney was waste of hype chris brown tore it down beyonce still need a hairstylist lil mama who let you out the house like that need to be shot!!!!!!!!! Alicia keys look real good!

  11. Everyone looks great ! I love how Rihanna’s handlers made her cover that forehead up. All the ladies looks nice,
    I like MJB’s look a lot, aging gracefully is good thing. Beyonce , of course needed to show all up her greasy thighs and boobs. Good look though- it suits her. Very ‘out there’.

    I’m hoping Lil Mama was dared to dress like that…and does anyone else thinks she looks like Rihanna is the 2nd pic?

    Oh Alicia Keys looks nice, at the first glance I thought she looked preggers, but I think it was the angle of the shot and her posture

  12. Alicia Keys performance… Mmmmmmm Loving those boots she was rocking. Looking thick and sexy with all that Booty.

  13. I didn’t bother watching MTV garbage a$$ show, I watched football instead…Their award shows are absolutely horrible!…Last year was soooo god awful boring the celebrity line up sucked and the audience was dead, I watched about 10 minuetes…I prefer our own award shows I hate it when they try to mix our music and movies in with main stream white america like we got a fair shot at winning anything.

    And personally I think Brittany is finished, she let that loser K-fed drag her down to the mud…But thats what her trashy a$$ get for messing with him when he had Shar 8 months pregnant…She should have known he wasn’t about anything to walk out on his family…Karma’s a real B.

  14. Not the same if Beyonce isnt performing, lets just face it. Alicia Keys was Absolutely stunning/Chris Brown–mad respect/rihanna can sing live/

  15. CIARA AND/OR BEYONCE could have stepped mtv’s game up way more. but i guess bet already had them. but beyonce toga dress got to go. she’s getting a lil tired.

    rihanna’s cute and all but seriously, mtv can’t really make her a star like that.

    i agree with 50 tat ciara and cbrown are the future.

  16. cbrown and rihanna were lip singing. people say fif dissed bey becuase she wnt to kiss him and he didn’t react. i think he just wasn’t paying attention to wsn’t a diss

  17. Beyonce needs to stop with all the gold. And her stylist should have covered up that scar on her leg.I don’t think 50 dissed her he just didn’t see her .Real nigga vision ha ha

    Not feeling Rihanna in that hot pink prom dress but she lokoed nice when she made that “appearance” with Chris. Don’t know why she was up there anyway.

    Lil Mama God bless her soul.

    Alicia confused me with her performance , looked like she wanted to dance then decided against it (thankfully) and then went into that George Michael song Freedom. What is she really trying to tell us lol

    Overall a very wack show.

  18. Yes 50 dissed Beyonce big time! She gave Kanye a peck on the cheek while accepting her award and went to kiss 50 and he DID NOT reciprocate, he looked right through her as if she wasn’t there!! Beyonce displayed a split second of shock but she tried to recover. I caught her expression even if it was for only a split second…wow, that was funny!

  19. Rih Rih was looking fierce!

    Bey got straight dissed by 50! Too funny! And that toga?…wth!
    Solange…oh solange!

    Somebody pls hook lil mama up with a stylist!

    Ashanti looked fabulous!

    Alicia looked really nice but that make up was really scary!

  20. Everyone Looked AMAZING!!! Well Lil Momma! ! Well!! she’s young. Her change is coming! But they all look AMAZInG!

  21. I am a little offended by the way 50cent dissed Beyonce. She hasnt done anything to him. I dont care what people say we’ve got to support one another. 50 cent has been hyping up all these white singers lately, Britney/Justin/Robin Thicke. Isnt that our cry out, that black men dont respect us–especially when we are more successful? It’s not funny, its quite sad that a black man would diss a black woman whose doing her thing in an industry that would completely ignore us if they could. Just flat out, disrespect her in a room full of people of all races on national television. I mean why? You thinks its funny?

  22. Beyonce looks beautiful I love the toga…a real goddess! I wish she could of performed this year =[
    Rihanna’s performance was weak….yet again, gosh that girl can not perform sorry
    LMAO at Britney….I bet she is torn apart to hear how much ppl hated her performance….it was even weaker than Rihanna’s performance….its like Britney didnt even want to perform up there and wanted to get it over with

  23. Rhi Rhi looked cut she always does. Bey looked old and kind of chubby, Ashanti looks great. 50 did diss Bey, but we dont know why, maybe because of the latina comment, who knows, but she played it off well.

  24. Okay here’s my view on that lame award show.

    I loved that pink dress Rihanna had on. She kind of looked like Jessica Rabbit yesterday and I see she’s gaining Ms. Rabbit’s curves. Alicia Keys looked very pretty. Beyonce looked good but don’t she get tired of wearing gold all the time? step it up Bee! I missed the part when 50 dissed her, lol. Ashanti also looked very pretty. Paula Patton and Robin make a gorgeous couple. So does Nelly/Ashanti. Dr. Dre was looking sexy last night.

    Chris Brown gave a killa performance, everybody stood up for him and cheered. Sadly Britney’s performance flopped. It looked like she was going to pass out. Keep your head up, Brit.

  25. WOW all these rich chicks look beautiful………..but a lil mama?????????????????? no comment somebody call the fashion police (LOL)

  26. I didn’t realize how big Alicia Keys is until her performance last night. She will need to watch her weight or else…

    Rihanna sounded HORRIBLE but she looked GREAT 🙂 She also seems well spoken

    50 cents looks better with his du-rag and baseball cap. He should never take it off in public.

    Beyonce was absoultely gorgeous. Kanye and 50 could have greeted her much better. There was a weird look on Kanye’s face when B kissed him and 50 cents ignored her. I wonder if it has anything to do with Jay-Z?

    Jaimee Fox and Diddy had me rollin’ with their comments about the Kid Rock and Tommie Lee fight. White on white crime – that’s funny!

    Other than that the show was BORING and the producer or executive producer should be FIRED!

  27. Lil Mama…WHAT THE H_ _ _??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A CRYING SHAME…WE GOT TO DO BETTER!! I think that she looks like a young,ghetto version of Jada Pinkett Smith…
    LMAO ;->’

  28. 50 didn’t diss Beyonce,

    If you watch the tape you can see he was kind of looking off in the other direction while trying to move out of the way when she leaned in to kiss him, he simply didn’t see her…There was no huge diss as everybody stated.

  29. (LOL) BIANCA on the lil mama comment………….instead of jada pinkett smith i say she look more like LIL BOW WOW


  30. 50 didn’t diss beyonce. he was too busy staring at her boobs to notice she was trying to kiss him. She needs to retire the gold dresses. she looked chubby and old in that mess. At first sight, i thought she was tina knowles. lol And how the heck are her boobs that perky @ 26? Can we say breast lift. Rhianna’s prom dress was a hot mess. Lil Mama is young, she’ll learn..but she does resemble Jada Pinkett Smith. I swear Ashanti has worn that outfit before. pretty dress but that looks has been done by her for every events she’s attended. Mary and Alicia Keys looked great.

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