VV Brown Debuts ‘Children’ Video

British export VV Brown has just unveiled the video for ‘Children,’ the first single from her sophomore album ‘Lollipos & Politics,’ due out February 12th.

According to VV, ‘Children’ isn’t just a catchy tune, it’s a call to action for young people around the around.

“I want people to listen to my music and be empowered” the 28-year old beauty recently said in an interview. “Yes the music is pop” she [VV] continued, “but it has a message and leaves you feeling inspired.”


  1. Will have to watch later, but must say that I really like VV and can’t wait for her to get her due propers. She’s a talented songwriter and singer. Wish her well!

  2. Itls a good one here with her and the kids. My artist is bringing down the house and might i say without words stay tuned.

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