Wanna Smell Like Nicki Minaj?

Hip-Pop diva Nicki Minaj is looking to expand her empire. The Young Money protégée recently revealed to Allure magazine her plans to launch her own fragrance. According to Nicki, she hopes to debut her signature scent this year in conjunction with her new album. The 26 year old rap sensations says she likes scents that have a summery, yet va-va-voom factor to them. “I want to smell like a sexy and confident woman, not like candy.”

Should Nicki actually release her scent, she will join fellow pop divas Rihanna, Katy Perry and Beyonce, who have all released fragrances within the last year. As for rappers, to date Queen Latifah and Trina are the only female emcees to release their own scents.

Queen Latifah has had the most success working with Parlux, the same company that brought us Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna. The Queen released her “Queen” fragrance back in 2008 and followed up with “Queen of Hearts” last year. Both fragrances combined have reportedly brought in sales of over $10 million dollars.

Update: BET’s 106 & Park just aired a clip from Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” video. Check it out below. Like another island girl who can’t move too well, Nicki attempts to bust a few moves.


  1. Good luck to her on that project. And lol at the side comment Sista.

  2. I wish her well in her business endeavours, however to answer the question ‘wanna smell like Nicki Minaj?’ , the answer is no.

  3. HA! Thanks Danielle! I’m thinking the same thing too. Don’t want to smell like Britney Spears, JLo, Celine Dione or any other person… Like that helps anything.

  4. Well, I will applaud her for starting as soon as she can with getting a fragrance, so therefore it may look like she’s into getting a lot of her own business into the works. I’m not going to call out any names, but certain celebrities have SO MUCH success but don’t come across as being about they business as far as future goals and what not. So kudos to Nicki! Never hurts for an early start…

    Still not a fan though. LOL.

  5. Dont forger Mary J Blige who by the way sold 60,000 bottles in 6 hours on HSN breaking sales records these other chick aint doing it bg like MJB

  6. Yea I’m going to spray it on butt n see how big it gets lol. Nope I will not b buying it.

  7. i like nicki alot. i agree noody wanna smell like candy, id buy it if it smelled nice. i like scented lotion thou

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