Wanna Spend Your Friday Nights with Nicole Beharie?

WANNA SPEND YOUR FRIDAY NIGHTS WITH NICOLE BEHARIE - SLEEPY HOLLOW MOVED TO FRIDAY NIGHTSFox is hoping the answer is yes, because that is exactly where she is heading.

As many of you have no doubt heard already, Fox’s prime time line-up is set to look drastically different starting early next year. Among the changes, Sleepy Hollow, where Nicole stars as FBI Agent Abbie Mills, will no longer air on Thursday nights at 9pm. Instead, Fox has moved the show to Friday nights at 8pm, a move many are interpreting as the first sign of potential cancellation.

Apparently Friday nights are considered cursed in TV land, though I have no idea why. Do people not watch TV on Fridays? Is everyone out on dates? Is no one home? I don’t know. But whatever the case, Friday can’t be any worse for the show than Thursday, where it was getting clobbered by Scandal, the Blacklist and that awful sport known as football.

Sleepy will make its Friday night debut February 5th, when it returns from its mid-season finale, which airs November 19th. And yeah, you read right, Fox is putting the show on ice for over two months, apparently to make room for a slew of other shows that are also destined to fail. I’ve seen some of them already so I know *cough* Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life *cough*.

At any rate, Sleepy Hollow isn’t dead yet. It’s not canceled, and it hasn’t had its season order cut. For all we know, Sleepy may thrive on Friday nights, finding a place in the hearts of losers who couldn’t find anything better to do than sit on their couches scratching themselves and eating corn chips.

I personally hope the show surprises everyone, and manages to thrive. Though no longer a fan myself, I still love me some Nicole, and feel the world is a better place with her on our TV screens.

Anyway, share your feelings in our poll below. Will you be spending your Friday nights with Nicole Beharie?


  1. Spend my Friday nights with Nicole? YES! The problem is the trash she’s saddled with, which is the rest of the show.

  2. Friday and Saturday nights are old people nights. The show may gain more viewers, but more than likely it won’t help the show’s demo because those viewers skew towards the older crowd. Fox wants and needs youngins for advertiser dollars. Longmire was a show with over nine million viewers but was axed because its demo was low. It was later picked up by Netflix though.

  3. Spend my Friday nights with Nicole? YES! The problem is the trash she’s saddled with, which is the rest of the show.

    Agreed. I’d spend my life with Nicole, but she’d first have to leave Sleepy Hollow.

  4. I voted yes but I’ve long since given up on this show. The thrill is gone. 🙁

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