Want to Have Hair Like Elise Neal?

Aside from her new role in the upcoming TV One comedy “Belles,” actress/singer Elise Neal is also set to launch her own signature collection of hair extensions by the same name. Elise says California Lace Wigs & Weaves tapped her to create something “new and unique” and with that request “Hollywood Belles by Elise Neal” was born. Pieces from Elise’s line will range between $20-$250 and will feature both real and synthetic hair and will be featured prominently on her new show when it airs in January 2013.

FYI: Did you know Elise’s new show also stars “Basketball Wives” resident troublemaker Tami Roman? According to Elise, “No matter what the public may think of Tami, one thing can’t be denied, the girl can act.”


  1. It’s funny you posted this, I always thought her hair looked terrible – @ least back when she had steady roles. Hey, maybe it looks better now, but not really feeling the pics. But I’m all for supporting a sista tryna run a business.

  2. Congrats for another industry veteran, who keeps it moving! But, I have to agree, I’ve never liked her hairstyles. This comes close to being a winning look for her. I think the color is sometimes to close to her skin color. But, aside from hair issues, I have a true respect for her, looking at how long she’s lasted as a working Hollywood actress of color!

  3. I too find it funny that women with some of the worst weaves/wigs seem to always be the ones releasing their own line of extensions.


  4. Sista, I’m in total agreeance with that statement b/c that ish that Brandy came out with years ago was a HOT POPPIN A#$ MESS!!!!!!!! And don’t even get me started on Auntie Vivica………………as much as I love auntie, that mess has got to go….. ASAP!!!!!!!!

  5. I love Elise’s hair color.

    I don’t care for the length nor style but I love the color.

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