Beyonce Wows at the 2015 Made in America Festival

Video: Beyonce Performs at the 2015 Made in America Festival

Beyonce's Performance at the Made in America FestivalIf you missed Beyonce’s set at last night’s Made in American Festival, you’re in luck, because we just so happen to have the entire stream available for you.

Beyonce was the last artist to play at her husband’s yearly festival, and did him proud, unveiling an entirely new set list, costumes and choreography.

We assume the audience was pleased, as Beyonce’s performance remained the most talked about event of the night on Twitter, trending for almost five hours.

To get a taste of what Mrs. Cater dished out, check the video below.

Update: Sorry, videos have been yanked offline due to copyright claims.

I have instead added a few short clips fans recorded and uploaded to YouTube.