Mary Jane Begs a Man Not to Leave Her


Being Mary Jane is officially set to join BET’s Thursday night line-up in January of 2013. However, if you can’t wait until then to see what out resident heroine is up to, check out this clip from the upcoming season just released by the network.

Despite knowing this is a fictional TV show, I still found myself wincing at the clip. I just want to scream at this character. I wanna know why she’s with this married man after trying to convince his wife to leave him for cheating. I wanna know why she is entertaining his jealousies, and most of all I wanna know why a cheating man is even being considered a viable dating option.

I guess I’ll have to wait until the show airs to get my answers. In the meantime, the character of Mary Jane reminds me of the groupie who recently contacted Lebron James’ fiance via Twitter. The groupie alluded to sleeping with James and implored Savannah to leave him. A Savannah supporter asked the groupie why should Savannah leave- so you can then have him?

I have found in life that women who date married men and then tell the wife are not trying to do the wives any favor. Instead, they want the wives out of the way so they can have the cheating husbands themselves.

This is a conversation we will probably be having a lot more once the show airs. Will you Brown Sista be tuning in for the first full season of ‘Being Mary Jane.’


  1. Truth is more women and men are in these type relationships then we think or are willing to admit….

  2. I was not impressed by this show. I am also not impressed by the writing of Mara Brock Akil. the acting is also piss poor on the part of Gabrielle. I see why she didn’t get the role of Olivia Pope. Her acting is very highscool-ish and doesn’t off as professional.

  3. to each his own. some people want drama and are drawn to people who can give it to them. whether they are married or single. mature able minded people are looking for an assett to their life, not just ass.

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