Watch Nicki Minaj On SNL

Nicki Minaj’s much hyped appearance on SNL just wrapped up and for those of you who missed it- we’ve got the videos.

Nicki performed two of her songs, “Right Thru” me and “Moment 4 Life.” She also appeared in two skits, “The Creep” and “Bride of Blackenstein.”


  1. i thought it was gr8…dont really believe she was going 2 do good but she has some talent

  2. I loved The Creep, but Bride of Blackenstein was HILARIOUS!!

    Nicki did a good job. It was very Lauren London à la “NewNew”

  3. I love the Bride of Blackenstein skit! Super cute! Not really into her performances though, but I think she would fit in with the whole SNL crew.

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