Watch Rihanna’s Full Length Dior Secret Garden Ad


DIOR RIHANNARihanna’s full length Secret Garden campaign has finally been unveiled in its entirety.

Coming in at just over four minutes, the Steven Klein directed clip is one long commercial for Dior’s haute couture line, which for the first time in its history, is being fronted by a black woman.

The video was shot in the château and gardens of Versailles and is set to the soundtrack of Only If For A Night, a new single to be featured on the singer’s upcoming eighth studio album, tentatively titled R8.

According to Klein, no special effects or theatrics were needed. “Rihanna is a force of nature all on her own,” he recently told WWD. “Her mystery and intrigue combined with her razor-sharp looks and sensibility, were the essential, perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden. With her, the process was just effortless.”


  1. That was a long 4 minutes. Highly stylized. Her strut is everything. Great visuals. Versailles. I hope to see it one day. The opulence!

  2. the last 10 seconds were dynamite! I think Rihanna can legit segue into modelling…

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