Brown Sista: Reloaded

This article has been updated July 12, 2009

Finally… Brown Sista is up and running once again.

First, I want to welcome everyone to the newly designed site. As you guys can see, things look quite a bit different around here and the new layout may take some time getting used to. No longer are we using a blog like design, but rather something called a “Magazine Style” design. What does that mean? I don’t know really; I just thought it was kinda cute- lol.

The new design was created by Vivien of Ewebscapes, and it has been in the works since mid April. Vivienne has done an amazing job and I thank her for steering me towards this design style. I had a great deal of fear, but with her guidance was able to get over it. If you are reading this Vivienne- thank you. I know I wasn’t the easiest person to get along with at times- ok, a few time- alright- most of the time- lol.

There are a few other people I need to thank as well. First, my girl Fashionista 101 (Shantee). She came up with the awesome color scheme, as well as so many other amazing ideas I have implemented on the site. I would truly be lost without her.

Another person I have to thank is Dede of Clutch Magazine- through her I found the amazing font used for the logo. I actually looked for just the right font for hours upon hours over the course of several days and then just by chance, I was browsing Clutch, a site I visit daily, and spotted the font. It was literally right up under my nose. I contacted the sista and she actually told me what font it was and sent it to me. Believe me when I tell you, a lot of ppl wouldn’t have done that- but Dede did. The sista has also been an invaluable source of information over the last few years. Thanks D.

Finally, I want to thank Onetta (A Word For My Sistas) and LJ Knight (Yeah, She Said It). Y’all didn’t do anything- lol. I just love you guys for participating in this site and helping to make it a better place. I did the redesign for you guys as well. Beautiful Brown Sistas deserve a beautiful site to post on. Thank you guys for bringing your talents to this forum. Love you.


  1. I saw a brief glimpse of the new look last night. Loving it ladies πŸ™‚ Can’t wait until it’s all done! And yay! for a new post! LOL

  2. I like the new look the colors stand out.

    oh and where the diffrent smiley faces at

  3. I guess you women are really trying to ban us males with these colors lol.

  4. The newly redesigned Brown Sista looks amazing. I am extremely happy for you that you were able to bring your new vision for Brown Sista to life. Thanks for providing a great place for me to allow my voice to be heard. I am and will be forever grateful. But don’t stop now Stephanie, keep it moving forward! As they always say, the sky is the limit!

  5. You already know I LOVE it! Love Love Love. The colors are fab, the design is unique.

    It wakes me up everytime I visit. LOL.

  6. OMG! I didn’t even read the THANK YOUs. You thank me?! Little ‘ole me?!

    LOL. I feel like I’m receiving an award!

    But, thank you. I love the “Beautiful Brown Sistas deserve a beautiful site to post on” comment. Very sweet. And I am also honored to be a part of the family!

  7. OMG I LOVE IT!!!

    and haha ‘brownsista: reloaded’

    lmaoo!! i love the new look!!

    no offence, but this makes the old site look like S&*@#!

  8. I’m late, but yes this new design is awesome and with the downfall of so many print magazines this was a good move.

  9. stephanie you should keep the color but stick to the old one post then scroll down thing Just a suggestion πŸ˜‰

  10. Love the new design! Especially the new color scheme. Good work Ladies! :brownsista:

  11. I’m glad everyone is feeling the new look. Personally, I can’t stop looking at it. πŸ™‚

    “no offence, but this makes the old site look like S&*@#”

    I couldn’t agree with you more James :thumbsup:

  12. The new site is super awesome. I check the website every morning and was like wait is this the right website. I love it!

  13. I am in LOVE honey! The site is beautiful! I am so proud of you. Brown Sista has stepped up from fabulous to amazingly fabulous!

  14. You are always so supportive Dede. Thank for the love. Btw, I have been taking notes from the master :thumbsup:

  15. aaaaahhhhh i absolutely love it!!! great look!!! at first i thought i typed in the wrong address. lol.

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